Game Notes: Sky 92, Mystics 86

Wow! Great win for the Sky! We’re now 15-16 and tied with the DC Mystics for the 4th playoff spot in the east (box score).

The eastern conference standings now look like this:
(1) Indiana Fever (20-9) – Ya’ll have been the best in the east all season. No surprises here.
(2) Atlanta Dream (17-14) – How do ya’ll keep winning!?! Lose, please…
(3) Detroit Shock (15-15) – Weren’t ya’ll supposed to be dead and gone like months ago? Who let ya’ll back into this race?!?
(4) Washington Mystics (15-16) – Ya’ll are my second favorite team in the east. Why we gotta be battling ya’ll for this last spot?
(4) Chicago Sky (15-16)
(6) Connecticut Sun (15-17) – What are ya’ll doing down here!?! I’m used to the Sun being at the top of the standings no matter how obscure their roster is…
(7) New York Liberty (12-19) – Are ya’ll officially out of it yet? I really need at least one thing resolved in this east playoff race…

Anyway, regarding the Sky/Mystics game that was played today…

The Sky’s starting lineup was: Perkins, Canty, Ely, Bass and Dupree. I’m definitely not a fan of this lineup becasue starting Ely and Bass seems very redundant to me. Pick one (imo, Ely) and start that person alongside Tamera Young. That makes more sense.  Well, that is, until Fowles re-enters the starting lineup, of course.

Speaking of Big Syl, it was really nice to see her on the floor again. When she wasn’t in the game she was riding the stationary bike behind the bench. I assume this is why she didn’t start — she has to warm-up her ankles/knees/legs before going into the game.

This game started out really ugly and really boring. With the exception of our PG’s, no one could really put the ball in the basket with any consistency in the first half. Here’s the breakdown…

Candice had a rough game on the offensive end. She got TONS of good looks but, for some reason, she front-rimmed every single shot. She had double-digit rebounds though and her defense was on-point.

I usually drink a lot of haterade whenever I talk about KB Sharp, but I’m gonna go ahead and give her props today. Honestly, this was the best game I have ever seen her play. Not only was she taking and hitting shots, but she was actually running the offense and also managed to drop some sweet dimes. An anomaly or a sign of things to come? I dunno, but I liked it. No haterade tonight…

KB Sharp and Dominique Canty pretty much kept us in the game in the first half. Canty drove the lane and took it hard to the rim over and over and over again. Very aggressive offensively all night. Great game overall.

Ely is awesome to watch. She’s a post player, but she crosses people up like she’s Allen Iverson or something. It can be from the wing or from the top of the key, Ely will just put the moves on somebody (anybody!) and just make them look foolish! Sure, often times she has difficulty finishing the play at the rim or in the lane, but her crossover and drive is a thing of absolute beauty. There’s nothing like getting schooled off the dribble by a big girl! LoL!

Oh, Mattera. I don’t really know what to say. Of course, there’s always the age old adage that “you can’t teach height.” That’s true. So true. Her height and size came in handy in the paint a few times during the game. But overall, she had a pretty forgettable outing tonight. Maybe she’s got bad hands or perhaps it’s just because she’s getting used to a new team, but Mattera fumbled a TON of easy passes. Everytime she got the ball, something had to happen quick because it was just a matter of seconds before she turned it over. Also, she’s extremely soft when it comes to rebounding. On one hand, she regularly got out-rebounded and pushed around by players half her size. On the flip-side, the one time she tried to be aggressive and out-muscle someone for a rebound, she got called for a bogus foul. Maybe that’s why she plays soft…

Watching Mattera makes me appreciate Big Syl soooo much more. Having height/size is one thing, but having height/size AND talent/skill is sooooo much better! Thing is, at this point, Sylvia has me paranoid. Everytime she jumps or does anything, I hold my breath becasue I think she’s gonna get hurt.

Quiet night for Jia. It’s really cool that we able to win with both Jia and Candice struggling offensively.

Bass and Thorn were solid, as usual.

Tamera Young. Wow! She had a forgettable first half, but came up HUGE for us in the second. Her energy is off the chain. She is EXACTLY what this team has needed for the last couple years. She had this one drive to the basket in the 3rd quater that was just AMAZING! It happened right in front of me and she flew by so quickly she was literally a blur going by and finishing at the rim. Absolutely brilliant. Defense. Steals. Energy. Hitting clutch free throws. She did it all. Fantastic overall floorgame for Young in the second half.

Kristi Toliver. I guess it’s either/or with regards to her and Tamera Young, eh? Key, is it, like, against the law to play both of these players in the same game? I mean, are they secretly the same person? Or perhaps…do they share one pair of game shorts? Waltz Tango Foxtrot! I mean, seriously, if her fans weren’t so darn annoying, I’d actually feel kinda sorry for her at this point…

All of those people that were worried that they would be deprived of Brooke Wycoff‘s smile for the rest of the season, fear no more! She hasn’t gone anywhere. She was dressed in street clothes and on the end of the Sky’s bench…still all smiles 🙂 …Gotta love Brooke!

Ok, let’s talk about the Mystics for a second because I absolutely love them…

First of all, along with Candice, Jia and Brooke, Chasity Melvin is one of my all-time favorite Sky players. I actually get sad watching her play for the Mystics. I wish she was still on the Sky. In 2007, Candice and Chas were an awesome post duo. In 2008, Chas was awesome backing-up Big Syl and also stepping in when Sylvia was hurt. No to mention, she just always seemed like such a genuinely cool person. And, Chas on that bike always cracked me up as well 🙂

Coleman? Ugh, if only the lottery balls fell a little bit differently..

Then there’s Lindsey Harding. She’s always been one of my favorite players. Her numbers really don’t show it, but she had a really good game tonight. She constantly pushes the tempo and looks to make things happen. A joy to watch. I’m so glad she got out of Minny because she’s really thriving in DC.

Mo Currie was only on the Sky for a couple weeks in ’07 (before she was traded for, um, Chasity Melvin!), but I really liked her. Tamera Young reminds me a lot of Currie.

I’ve never been a fan of Matee Ajavon, but she was ballin’ tonight! I saw her play once at McGrath Arena in a Rutgers/DePaul game and I was absolutely wowed by her athleticism and overall game. She “wowed” me again tonight. Since I never really hear about her, I assume she doesn’t play like this every night!?!

Other Recaps…

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