Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Shock…

Liveblogging the Sky game tonight as I watch it on LiveAccess

First Quarter

** Waiting for liveaccess to start…
** Starting lineup for the Sky is the same as last game: Canty, Perkins, Ely, Bass, Dupree. I guess Big Syl needs to warm-up her ankle/knee/leg on the stationary bike again before seeing game action. No Katie Smith for the Shock.
** The Palace looks EMPTY!
** Sky win the opening tip, but Shock scores first basket.
** Canty gives the Sky their first points of the game by hitting 1-2 at the freethrow line.
** Two bad turnovers for the Sky already. Gotta take better care of the ball.
** Jia with a sweeet trey to tie it up at 6 with 7 mins left in the quarter
** Good defense for the Sky so far. Good to see Jia hitting early…
** Mattera and Young enter the game about halfway thru the quarter.
** Timeout. Shock lead 8-10 with 4:06 remaining. Turnovers are really hurting the Sky.
** Tamera Young goes by everyone for the nice layup. So smooth, so good!
** Completely bogus offensive foul call on Candice. The one on Mattera a few minutes ago was bogus too.
** Damn, Hornbuckle is a 54% free throw shooter? Never woulda guessed that. I thought they taught them better than that at Tennessee!
** At the end of the first, Sky down 16-18. Defense has looked good in spurts. Turnovers are killing us (8 TO’s already). Jia hit some big shots. Tamera Young’s energy was awesome, just wish she could hit an outside shot. Overall, not too bad for the Sky. They probably need to play better from here on out if they hope to win this.

Second Quarter

** Sharp, Ely, Fowles, Young and Thorn start the second.
** Just saw that Indy beat DC. Yeah! Still gotta get this win so that we can get some distance between us and them.
** Tamera Young hits an outside shot. Disregard what I said at the end of the first ๐Ÿ™‚
** Fowles travelled. The entire Palace chants “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Kinda funny…never heard that before!
** Ely for three! 9 pts already for Shyra.
** Timeout. Sky down 28-31 with 5:32 remaining.
** If Canty is gonna shoot airballs, can we get Toliver in for a few minutes just to see if she’s “on”.ย Please! Pretty please!
** Canty with a nice drive. Hit the bucket…and one. Geez, everytime I say something negative about somebody, they come back and make me look like an idiot a minute later. I guess I gotta badmouth this team more often ๐Ÿ™‚
** Halftime. Sky down 36-38. Not a great half, but not horrible either. It’s half-time and we haven’t been down 30 yet so this is a good road game for us so far…relatively speaking. Ely is our leading scorer with 13 and has 7 boards. Ballin’! Jia has 8. Deanna Nolan is leading the Shock with 12pts and 5rbs. Sky have 12 turnovers. Yikes! …gotta fix that in the second half.

Third Quarter

** Perkins, Canty, Ely, Dupree and Fowles start the second half.
** Slow start for the Sky. I hope this 6 point Shock lead doesn’t balloon into a 20+ point blowout in next few minutes…
** What’s up with Dupree? She’s missing everything!
** Not much going on this quarter so far. Sky get a few freethrows to cut the lead to 3, then Hornbuckle drills a three to bring it back to 6.
** …and 1 for Dupree. First basket of the night.
** Too many fouls are being called this quarter. Neither team can establish a rhythm or a flow.
** Why does KB Sharp dribble around aimlessly for 16 seconds at the top of the key before even looking to make a play?
** Big Syl with a nice jump hook in the lane.
** Candice gets a technical for taunting and throwing the ball at Shavonte Zellous. LoL! Niiiice!
** WoWza! Nice offensive board and putback by Mattera! Strong move. We need more of that from her.
** Tie game! Minute and a half left in the 3rd…
** Sky getting killed on the boards the last few possessions.
** Dupreeeee for threeee!!! Sky up 1 with Young at the line for 2.
** DAMMIT! The Sky coulda been up 3 at the end of the quarter. What happened?!? Oh well, Sky up 1 going into the 4th.

Fourth Quarter

** Sharp, Thorn, Young, Dupree and Mattera on the court to start the 4th.
** Okay, Mattera needs to sit. Bring in Fowles, Bass or Ely. Move Dupree to the center spot if need be.
** Nothing going good for the Sky to start this quarter.
** Fowles and Ely come in for Mattera and Young. Thorn promptly hits a three!
** Another shot-clock violation. Sky down 62-66 with 6 minutes left in the game. Canty and Perkins back in the game…
** Wow, ANOTHER shot-clock violation! C’mon now! We can’t just give it away! Timeout.
** Shock up 8 with 5 minutes remaining. This one is slipping away…
** Nolan’s tattoo’s on her arms are hideous! Seriously, why would you do that to yourself!?!
** Dupree with a nice bucket, but Shock answer right away.
** Couple nice possessions by the Sky (big three from Thorn) but they still can’t make up any ground on the Shock. Still a 7-point lead with 2:30 minutes remaining.
** 8-point lead with 1 minute remaining. Ugh! This one’s OVAH! Hopefully we can get revenge at home on Saturday after beating Indy on Thursday.
** Final: Shock 84, Sky 75

Box Score



~ by audsquad on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Shock…”

  1. I think its about time to just enjoy the next two games and forget anything after that

    • WHY?!?! Conn and DC are playing just as sporadic as we are…and we hold the tie-breaker against the Mystics. Not to mention, our last two games are at home. We can still make the playoffs and we can still end the season @ .500. It ain’t over yet! Please tell me the gloom ‘n doom people haven’t gotten to you too! LoL ๐Ÿ™‚

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