The end-of-season blues

Maybe next year...

Maybe next year, Sky fans...

The 2009 WNBA regular season officially ended about 24 hours ago. The Sky’s season came to a screeching halt about 48 hours ago. My emotions over the last two days have been vast and varied. After the game on Saturday night I was shocked, sad and heartbroken. How could we give up a 19-point lead in such an important game? I thought we had this! Sunday I woke up feeling dazed and a little numb. The realization had hit me that the season was really over and that I’d have to wait another 8 months to see my favorite team play again. This morning I woke up a little more hopeful, thinking about 2010 and all the possibilities next season holds.

2009 was definitely an interesting season for the Sky. Sky fans were treated to numerous amazing nail-biters at the Pavilion — most of which ended in a Sky victory. On the flip-side, due to the wonders of LiveAccess, Sky fans were also subjected to the awful’ness that is Sky basketball on the road.

In all seriousness…overall, this was an enjoyable season of Chicago Sky basketball. I greatly appreciated everything that Perkins, Fowles, Dupree, Canty, Ely, Young, Bass, Thorn, Toliver, Sharp, Mattera, Price, Chen and Wycoff did to make this summer of Chicago Sky basketball fun, entertaining and memorable. They are, quite literally, the greatest show on earth. I believe that this 2009 squad is by far the most talented team in Chicago Sky history. Yes, they underacheived greatly, but I appreciated their effort througout the season. I’m already counting down the minutes till 2010 tips off…

Favorite Sky Moments of  2009

Big Syl and CD4 were all-stars in 2009...Jia too

Big Syl and CD4 were all-stars in 2009 - Jia too

** The entire month of June.  Sure, the season-opening blowout loss to Minnesota was no fun. Heck,  neither was the 30-point beatdown at the hands of the Connecticut Sun. But, the Sky went 6-3 in June and had two 3-game winning streaks during that month. They also went undefeated at home (5-0). The biggest thing was that, at this point, the season was still so full of promise. The next month brought a rude-awakening of sorts. July started out with a 4-game losing streak and ended with the Sky going 4-7 while getting blownout by pretty much everyone.  After that, the remainder of the season was up-and-down.

** Candice, Big Syl and Jia all making the All-Star team.

** Kristi Toliver’s heroics in the Sky/Fever game on 9/10/09. I was SOOOO sure the Sky were going to make the playoffs after this win. Silly me…

** The open-practice during pre-season. The open-practice is really the only Sky event that I actually enjoy.

** The announcement that the Sky were going to be playing at Allstate arena starting in 2010. Nice arena and so much closer to home for me.

** Armintie Price getting traded for Tamera Young. Don’t get me wrong, I love AP, but this was a brilliant move.

** The Sky re-signing Jia to a multi-year contract.

** Live Access. Even though the Sky were a crappy road team, this was they first year that I was actually able to see them play away from the Pavilion. I appreciated this greatly.

Worst Sky Moments of 2009

The Detroit Shock celebrating on the Sky's court after eliminating the Sky from the playoffs.

The Detroit Shock celebrate on the Sky's court after eliminating the Sky from playoff contention.

** The loss to the Detroit Shock on 9/12/09. IMO, this was the worst moment in franchise history (ok, well, the “eye caramba” game with Chasity Melvin was bad too, mainly because AP completely flipped out and we — the fans in the stands — had no idea what had happened). So weird that both occured on “Fan Appreciation Night”

** Another sub-500 season. Not making the playoffs is ok, but four straight losing seasons is tough.

** The absolutely horrifying realization that the Sky’s success was tied directly to Big Syl’s health. In other words, they can’t win without her. My happiness as a Sky fan should not hinge on Big Syl’s ability to play a full season. If that’s the case, every season will be depressing. The Sky *NEED* to find a starting-caliber backup center because apparently having Big Syl around is a luxury, not a given.

** The bizaare treatment of Kristi Toliver the entire season.

** Watching Atlanta go 18-16 and make the playoffs in their second year.

** Sylvia’s dunk in the allstar game…nice dunk, but so LAME!

** Here’s one thing that really irks me (especially now that the season is over): We didn’t get a team poster this year. I have my team posters from 2006, 2007 and 2008 hanging on my wall and I absolutely love them. I guess the poster was cut from the budget, eh? I would gladly buy one if they were available. Oddly enough, we didn’t even see a full team picture at all this year. Did the 2009 season really happen or was it all just a figment of my imagination?

Sky in 2010!


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4 Responses to “The end-of-season blues”

  1. What had to hurt Sky fans was that the Dream never beat the Sky – they went 0-3 against Chicago – but went to the playoffs anyway. (The only time the Dream have beaten Chicago was in the Dream’s first win ever in 2008.)

    I would agree that this was the best Chicago Sky team ever assembled, but Chicago has a tendency to swoon when it gets behind the 8-ball. (See: Det vs. Chi, 9/12/09) I don’t know how you address that.

    No poster? That’s a bummer. If there’s anything cool, it’s a team poster.

    • yeah, the Sky really had the Dream’s number this season. I really enjoyed all 3 games in that series.

      In past seasons, the Sky had a lot of trouble closing out games. This year though, the Sky were brilliant at pulling out tough wins at the Pavilion. That’s why I fully expected them to get it done against Detroit and why I was so shocked when it didn’t happen.

      I’m really, really, really hoping that the team poster thing was just an oversight…or that maybe they were saving it to be used as a giveaway at a playoff game…or maybe, since the composition of the team changed so much toward the end of the season, they didn’t want to give us a poster with AP, Chen and Wycoff when Young, Mattera and Bass were the ones that finished out the season. Either way, I really hope that one will eventually become available because I really liked this 2009 team and I want their smiling faces on my wall starting back at me everyday 🙂

  2. This season was a good not great but there were a lot of highlights. Like going 12 -5 at the pav this year, talk about protecting home turf after not being able to do so the prior 3 seasons.

    It the road woo’s and our defense, and offense execution that we need to work on for nxt season.

    This season will sting even more for me 2morow when the playoffs start and we aren’t there. Will prob shed a tear but I am expecting great things from the Sky in 2010.

    • yup, going 12-5 at the Pavilion was great. We were treated to a TON of awesome games @ UIC this summer…too bad we couldn’t get the biggest one there though.

      and yeah, I’m totally not interested in the playoffs anymore. The 2009 WNBA season is pretty much over for me cuz I resent all of the east playoff teams b/c of how our season transpired (even though, under normal circumstances I really like DC, Indy, Det and ATL). The only team I like out west in the Mercury.

      As long as it’s not LA, I really don’t care who wins the title…

      I’m hoping for great things in 2010, but I dunno if I’m necessarily expecting it. I was duped in 2008 and again in 2009. You ain’t gonna fool me three years in a row! …so now I prefer to remain a little skeptical and cautiously optimistic about 2010…

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