Bon Voyage! — Day #6

Ok, so maybe calling yesterdays blog post “The Grand Finale” was a little premature since the national team did indeed practice today before leaving for Russia this evening.  Oh well. My bad 🙂


Anyway, Dupree posted a new Day #6 blog and it’s jam-packed with lots of good info regarding the teams’ trip to Russia. First of all, the team is departing today (10/5/09) at about 9:30pm and is taking a 6-hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany. After an 8-hour layover, they will take a 4-hour flight to Russia. Therefore they aren’t going to reach  Ekaterinburg, Russia until about 3:30pm tomorrow after 18 hours of travel! WoW! Good thing they don’t practice till Thursday or play till Friday because they’re gonna need the rest! How is Candice gonna pass the time? Well…

“In order to keep myself busy on the flight and during the layover I’ve got a game plan. I have my Nintendo DS, and the games I’m bringing are Super Mario and Mario Kart. I’ll also have my laptop and my I-Pod. I also bought a book called Monster. I saw a TV show about the book and thought it would be interesting. It’s about a former LA gang member. During the first leg of the trip I’ll probably sleep though…”

Super Mario and Mario Cart? Old school! LoL :-). Oh and even more good news…

“Make sure to check back here through the next few days. I’ll be updating my blog from Russia.”

Yay! Candice isn’t done blogging! Definitely looking forward to the Russia blogs cuz the training camp blogs have been GREAT!

** Just in case you’ve missed any, here are all of Candice’s training camp blogs from the past week…

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Safe travels, everyone!


~ by audsquad on October 5, 2009.

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