Meanwhile, in other Sky news…

Ok, so CLEARLY I’m a little overly-excited about Dupree being on the national team and have dedicated lots of posts to CD’s and Big Syl’s journey with USA basketball. But yes, there are indeed lots of other interesting things going on with other Sky players this offseason as well…

* Tamera Young *

Tamera Young

Tamera has been absolutely FANTASTIC about keeping fans updated and in the loop so far this offseason. It’s definitely much appreciated. If you’re not currently following her on Twitter (TYoung11), you’re definitely missing out! Young is currently ballin’ in Turkey. Her adventures/misadventures of trying to get her internet hooked up in her new apartment was funny! After reading Tamera’s twitter page today, I actually learned that TMobile only sucks stateside. Apparently, overseas it’s awesome. Who knew!  Not to mention, Tamera was actually cool enough to take pics of her apartment in Turkey and post them so that we could see how she’s livin’! I’d link to the pics, but it appears as if she took them off of her main twitter page. They’re still available on her Twitpic page, but since she kinda took them down from her main page, I’m not gonna link to them here. Her apartment is cute though 🙂 Good luck in Turkey, Tamera!


* KB Sharp *

KB has been providing updates via her official site. A few weeks ago she posted a new video blog talking about why she loves Chicago… Hmmm…oddly enough, I never knew that Sharp played in NY. I only knew about Indy. Ya learn something new everyday, I guess. Anyway, according to her site, she’s playing in France this offseason with a team called “Challes Les Eaux.” Good luck, KB!


* Kristi Toliver *Kristi Toliver

Toliver is spending the offseason playing in Israel with a team called Raanana Hertzeliya  (article: Maryland Great to Raanana Hertzeliya). Toliver has been more talkative on Twitter (KristiToliver) as of late, so we’ve been getting lots of cool updates from her as well. Good luck in Israel, KT!


** Vote for your favorite Chicago Sky pic in the “Photo of the Year” contest.

** In other WNBA news…the WNBA Finals have been AWESOME! I’m still pullin’ for Pheonix, but Indy is really starting to grow on me.

** In other NBA news…the Chicago Bulls are in London right now preparing for a preseason game against the Utah Jazz. I’m actually really excited for the Bulls season this year. I haven’t been to the United Center in a couple years but I’m looking forward to getting myself re-acquainted with the nose-bleed seats @ the UC this winter! Three more weeks!


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