Wrapping up in Russia and other randomness…


The US National Team wrapped up the Ekaterinburg International Invitational with a 78-63 victory over UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russian pro team) to go undefeated throughtout the tourney. While the US team was obviously loaded with tons of brilliant talent, the UMMC Ekaterinburg team was a worthy opponent, boasting familiar names such as Asjha Jones, Maria Stepanova, Sandrine Gruda, Ann Wauters and Svetlana Abrosimova on their roster. Angel McCoughtry once again led the US team in scoring (20pts, 7rbs, 2asts and 3stls), while Sue Bird, Tina Charles and Swin Cash also contributed double figure points. Sylvia Fowles led the team in rebounding with 12 (to go along with 5pts and 2stls). Candice Dupree contributed 7pts, 5rbs and 1ast in 21 minutes of action. Recap 1 || Recap 2 || Box score || Quotes || Photos || Video

Favorite photos from the tournament…

Looks like Dupree changed her number from 22 to 7. That change probably has to do with the fact that in international play jersey numbers have to be between 1 and 15 (or something like that). I really liked CD in #22 (but #4 is still the best!). Number 7 reminds me of, um, Toni Kukoc…

*UPDATE* More blogs from Candice!

CD4’s Day #10 blog talks about her pre-game routine and the first game of the tournament against ZVVC UKA Prague

As the game progressed I got a little more comfortable. My next time out on the court I was a little more aggressive on offense. Considering it was our first time playing together, we did really well. I think the final score was 100-81…I think. The one thing that we need to work on the most is defense. But all in all it wasn’t too bad. I ended up scoring eight points in 12 minutes on 3-of-6 shooting and I made the only two free throws I attempted, which is always good.

Candice’s Day #11 blog is similar to the previous blog in that it discusses her pre-game routine (this time, for an early game) and then discusses the game itself vs. Sopron

It was an early game so there was no shootaround. Instead, we met in one of the ballrooms of the hotel and had a walk through. Coach brought a ball and we went over the scouting report in sweats and flip-flops. I must say that’s the easiest and most comfortable “shootaround” I’ve ever had.

Seems like a Day #12 blog is also on the way so I’ll update this again when that’s posted. Once again, just in case you’ve missed any…Intro blog || Day #1 || Day #2 || Day #3 || Day #4 || Day #5 || Day #6 || Day #7 || Day #8 || Day #9 || Day #10 || Day #11


Meanwhile, Tamera Young continues to tear it up in Turkey. I can’t seem to find a website where I can follow her team and stats and stuff so I’ve just been trying to keep up via Twitter (@TYoung11). Honestly, I can’t even seem to figure out the actual name of her team in Turkey, but it looks as if she’s teammates with Latoya Pringle and Kasha Terry. From what I can gather, Young’s team is currently 3-1. They won 3 games in a row before losing their first game today.  She gave us two very informative tweets about the loss today — Tweet 1 and Tweet 2. Regardless, 20 and 8 ain’t too shabby 🙂

Tamera has also given us lots of cool pics…

Twitpic 1 || Twitpic 2 — Nice jerseys!
Twitpic 3 || Twitpic 4 || Twitpic 5 — Food 🙂 …the good, the bad and the familiar!
Twitpic 6 || Twitpic 7 || Twitpic 8 — Young with teammates
Twitpic 9 || Twitpic 10 || Twitpic 11 — TYoung…chillin’. DUECES! LoL 🙂


I’m also trying to keep up with how KB Sharp is doing in France using this site. Looks like her team, Challes Les Eaux, is currently 0-3 and Sharp is averaging 7.3 points, 3 rebounds and 2.7 assists. Good numbers plus she’s shooting 50% from 3! NIIICE!


We also have Kristi Toliver in Israel playing for Raanana Hertzeliya. I’m gonna try to keep up with KT here and here. It appears as if the Israeli leagues haven’t begun playing yet so as of right now there are no are no stats or anything for me to update you with.


Via tweets from Pokey Chatman (@pokeychatman) we find out that Sylvia Fowles is playing for Spartak Moscow again this offseason and arrived in Russia safely this afternoon. — Tweet 1 and Tweet 2.


Everyone else? I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine. I think Dupree mentioned in one of her blogs that she was coming home after USA Basketball, but I think she also mentioned that she was playing somewhere this offseason. I have no idea where or when. I wish there was a better way to keep up with playes overseas.


This article (Sky highs … and lows in 2009) from the Daily Herald is a few days old (and probably, uh, several weeks late!?!), but its a really good read nonetheless. Babcock-McGraw pretty much touches on everything from Dupree’s greatness to Big Syl’s injury-prone’ness. From Toliver’s inconsistent playing time to everyone hatin’ on Coach Key. It’s all there. Check it out. My favorite part…

What worked?

Forward Candice Dupree worked – and worked and worked and worked.

Dupree has been a rock since she arrived in Chicago four years ago as the Sky’s first draft pick in franchise history. The former Temple star was one of the Sky’s best players then and she’s gotten only better.

This year, Dupree averaged a career-best 15.7 points and 7.9 rebounds per game en route to being named an Eastern Conference all-star starter, her third all-star selection. Plus, she became much more of a vocal and visible leader, exactly what the youthful Sky has been searching for since it opened up shop.

“I couldn’t be any more proud of what Candice brought to the team this year,” said Sky president Margaret Stender. “Both her numbers and her leadership – she did such a great job. Her teammates really rely on her and her consistency was certainly felt. Her leadership presence has really grown from her early years.”

No doubt, Candice is freakin’ amazing!

Congrats to the 2009 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury! It was a AMAZING series!

Sky in 2010!


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4 Responses to “Wrapping up in Russia and other randomness…”

  1. Actually, I don’t think Turkey’s regular season starts until October 24th, so most likely Young’s team is playing “friendly” games.

    • oh, ok. Good to know. It’s so difficult trying to keep up with players overseas! …you do a great job of it on your blog though 🙂

  2. On rebkell someone mentioned that Candice was gonna play in Slovakia on the same team that holdsclaw was on but I’m not sure. Maybe we’ll knw more from blog 12.

    • interesting…but I think Holdsclaw has already left that team for whatever reason and is now back in the States…at least according to stuff she posts/says on Twitter. If it’s true that Dupree is/was gonna be on that team, I wonder if Holdsclaw’s situation will have any effect on what she ends up doing. I guess we wait and see…

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