Where are they going? Where are they now?

The subject of the question “Where are they going?” is Candice Dupree. In her final USA Basketball blog (Day #12), she confirms that she is indeed going to be playing in Slovakia this offseason (just as ‘skyvolhills’ predicted/commented in the last post). Still not sure what team or when, but we’ll just have to wait and see. From the blog…

This wasn’t my first USA Basketball experience, but it was by far the best. I don’t know that I’ve ever been around such a good group of people. I learned a lot playing for Coach Auriemma, and got to know players better off the basketball court that I see all during the season. This trip was filled with a lot of memories that I’ll never forget!! Thanks for keeping up with me and I’ll be sure to get updates throughout the winter as I’ll be playing in Slovakia.

Good luck in Slovakia, Candice! The blog has been fantastic!

For those slackers who haven’t been keeping up, here ya go: Intro blog ||Day #1 || Day #2 || Day #3 || Day #4 || Day #5 || Day #6 || Day #7 || Day #8 || Day #9 || Day #10 || Day #11 || Day #12


Stephanie RaymondThe subject of the question “Where are they now?” is former NIU Huskie and Chicago Sky guard Stephanie Raymond. I came across this article (Robins eager to Fly) which is about the Rock County Robins, a semi-pro women’s basketball team based in Wisconsin. The Robins are part of the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League and it appears as if they are currently conducting workouts/tryouts in preparation of starting their inaugural season in Summer 2010. This article (Rock County Robins ready to hoop it up) is informative but is from July 2009 so maybe the team was initially slated to begin playing this past summer but was put off until now. Regarding Raymond specifically…

Stephanie Raymond, an ex-Northern Illinois University star who played a season with the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, sees the Robins as a chance to get back to the league, or overseas ball. After averaging 18.9 points and 6.5 assists her senior year at NIU, the 5-foot-5 point guard was drafted in the second round by the Sky in 2007. She averaged 3.1 points in 20 games, then played briefly in Turkey in 2008.

“I didn’t get a chance to play much (in the WNBA),” she said. “I still want to play and I’m not ready to give up. If this opens a door to the league again, great. If I can get a job overseas, I’ll look into that. Eventually I’d like to coach so this will be good experience regardless.”

Raymond w/ the Sky

Raymond w/ the Sky

Raymond played with the Sky in 2007 and showed a ton of potential as a serviceable backup PG. She made it through almost all of training camp and preseason with the Sky in 2008, successfully knocking off a whole slew of guards that were vying for her spot. But after being slowed by a knee injury just before the season began, she lost her spot when the Sky traded for veteran PG KB Sharp at the last possible moment before the 2008 season began. One of the articles above notes that Chicago has a WBCBL team called the Chicago Steammettes. They went 9-5 last season and play at South Surburan College (159th and State Street in South Holland, IL). I’ll definitely check out the Robins if/when they come thru Chicago to play the Steammettes. Good luck, Raymond!

Rock County Robins

Rock County Robins


How about another brief “Where are they now?”. This time we’re talking about Sky center Chen Nan. I came across this article (Defending champion takes opening win at China’s 11th National Games)…

Former WNBA player Chen Nan paced defending champion PLA (People’s Liberation Army) to take an opening win at China’s 11th National Games, easing past Huibei 103-59 here on Saturday.

Although Chen played well and scored 14pts, the article alludes to the fact that she is still recovering from injuries and therefore her playing time has been limited. Good luck the rest of the tourney, Chen, and happy healing!


Ok, so in the last post I said that Tamera Young’s team out in Turkey was 3-1. I lied. As ‘pt’ so kindly pointed out in the comments section, the season in Turkey hasn’t officially started yet and all those games were just preseason games. Sooooo, this tweet from Young (@TYoung11) confirms that fact and also informs us that she has played 7 preseason games in 8 days while going 4-3! Whew! Stay strong and good luck when the season starts for real, TYoung!

Oh, and I love this *sidebar*! LoL 🙂 You could EASILY make an entire blog just about Tamera’s tweeting!

Sky in 2010!


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