A double dose of Europe (12/12/09)

Well, I just got back from an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience sitting courtside at the Bulls/Warriors game, but that’s a blog post for a different day. Right now I just want to update you on how the Sky have been doing the past two weeks in Europe (…cuz I got lazy and skipped last week).

*FYI: For non-Euroleague games, I’ve gotten most of my stats from Eurobasket.com. Well, it looks as if some parts Eurobasket.com have suddenly turned into a pay site. Some info is no longer available for free. If I can find the info elsewhere, I’ll post them here as I always have. If not, I’ll just update you with the info that I can find, ok? ok!

Let’s get right to it…


~ KB Sharp ~ (Challes Les Eaux)
KB played two games in the past two weeks…

Challes Les Eaux defeated Green Limoges 79-66.
Stats for Sharp: 16pts (5/10 FG, 1/2 3FG, 5/6 FT), 1rb in 33mins
Box Score || Photos

Challes Les Eaux lost to Nantes Reze 74-80
Stats for Sharp: 6pts (2/8 FG, 2/4 3FG), 3rbs, 2asts in 32mins
Box Score || Video

Challes Les Eaux is now 5-7 in French league.


~ Tamara Young ~ (TED Kayseri)
Tamera played in two games the in the last two weeks and her team also added a new player to the mix: Tangela Smith

TED Kayseri defeated Kocaeli 71-44.
Stats for Tamera: 19pts, 9rbs and 3asts in 33mins — Box score

Ted Kayseri lost to Fenerbahce 75-88
Stats for Tamera: 15pts, 4rbs, 4asts, 2st in 27mins — Box score

TED Kayseri is now 3-4 in Turkish league.


~ Kristi Toliver ~ (Raanana Hertzeliya)

Kristi played in two games in the last two weeks…

Herzeliya defeated Elizur Holon 83-80.
Stats for Toliver: 18pts, 4rbs, 4stls abd 1blk in 39mins — Box score

Herzeliya defeated  Jerusalem 79-66.
Stats for Toliver: 15pts, 5rbs, 4asts and 3stls in 34mins — Box Score


~ Jia Perkins ~ (Galatasaray)

Galatasaray has played in 4 games in the last two weeks — two Euroleague and two Turkish league games…

In Turkish league, Galatasaray lost to Fenerbahce 77-84.
Stats for Perkins: I found a box score for this game but I Jia isn’t listed in the box score. I’m not sure whether it was a oversight or perhaps she didn’t play in this game — Box Score

In the other Turkish league game, Galatasaray defeated Cankaya 82-71
Stats for Perkins: 12pts, 3rbs, 1ast and 1stl in 26mins — Box score

In the first Euroleague game, Galatasaray lost to Cras Basket Taranto 77-63.
Stats for Perkins: Once again, Jia isn’t listed in the box score so perhaps she didn’t play in this game either.
Box score || Recap

In the other Euroleague game, Galatasaray defeated TTT Riga 71-55 clinched a spot in the EuroLeague Women Eighth-Final Playoffs.
Stats for Perkins: No stats for Jia
Box Score || Recap

Galatasaray is now 5-2 in Turkish league and 4-3 in Eur0league.


~ Candice Dupree ~ (Good Angels Kosice)

Candice has played 4 games in the last two weeks — two in Slovakian league and two in Euroleague

In the first Slovakian league game, Kosice defeated Nitra 105-52
Stats for Candice: 10pts, 5rbs, 4asts and 2blks in 20mins
Box score || Photos

In the second Slovakian league game, Kosice defeated Cassovia 110-52
Stats for Candice: 12pts, 4rbs, 3asts and 1blk in 18mins
Box score || Photos

In the first Euroleague game, Kosice defeated Sopron 75-58.
Stats for Candice: 16pts, 11rbds, 3asts, 3stls and 1blk in 40mins
Box score || Recap || Photos

In the second Euroleague game, Kosice lost to Bourges 83-71
Stats for Candice: 14pts, 9rbs, 2asts and 1blk in 40mns
Box score || Recap

Nice article from Fiba Europe about Kosice, including this about Dupree…

The summer signing of Candice Dupree has paid big dividends, with last season’s Rest of the World Team All-Star averaging 19.3 points and 10.3 rebounds.

She has so far logged more minutes than any other player in the league (38.8 minutes average).

In her last four games, the 25-year-old Dupree has played all 40 minutes.

Candice is logging HEAVY minutes in Euroleague play…


It appears as if starting next week, we’re not going to be able to call these posts “European updates…” because Shyra Ely is heading to China!

from Shyra Ely's twitter (@shyshy43)

**GOOD LUCK, SHYRA!!!** A 100% Shyra Ely post is coming soon because she’s doing some cool stuff this offseason away from basketball…

And remember, Dominique Canty is headed to Israel in January…

Until next time, Sky fans 🙂


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