12 Days of Xmas with the Sky: Day 7-9

Three more days have passed, which means there are three more Chicago Sky holiday articles…


On the SEVENTH day of Christmas…what do the Sky players have on their holiday wish lists? (cont…)

Perkins, Canty, Ely and Sharp. Everyone in this group has a really good list, but personally, I think Jia’s list is the best. If I could cherry-pick from each list, I’d take: the trip to Jamaica and the house from Jia’s list; the new computer from Shyra’s list; the entire sentiment of Dominique’s list; and the puppy from Sharp’s list.


On the EIGHTH day of Christmas…Shyra’s Winter Fashion Tips…

Shyra gives lots of good tips and advice on winter fashion, but since I’m not the least bit fashionable (nor do I care to be), this is the best, most relevant info from the article for me…

When buying clothes, always make sure to try each item on. While your trying stuff on, also remember to sit down. This will be a good indication of how comfortable it is.

Never really thought about that, but it’s true. Some pants and stuff feel really comfortable standing up, but get all weird and uncomfortable after you sit down in them. Great advice, Shyra! Oh and, the only ruffles I’ll be sporting this holiday season are greasy and come in a bag! LoL 🙂


On the NINTH day of Christmas…A Holiday Treat from Sky Guy and Coach Key…

So cute!


Here’s a link to all the Sky’s holiday articles: previous days of a Sky’s Christmas

Four more days ’til Christmas!

Sky in 2010!


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