More All-State ticket sales info…

Remember this post from a couple months ago? …well apparently ticket sales are still going very, very well…

Embedded in a Daily Herald article about Courtney Paris and the dispersal draft, was this tidbit of info from the Sky’s president and CEO, Margaret Stender…

She says that the Sky’s move from the UIC Pavilion in Chicago to Allstate Arena in Rosemont has renewed interest in the team and has invigorated season-ticket sales, which are double what they were a year ago at this time.

“We’re getting exactly what you would expect with a move to that area,” Stender said of moving to the suburbs. “We’re getting a lot of basketball-minded families inquiring about tickets who may not have before because of location and where we were before (UIC Pavilion).”

Stender has said in the past that in order to maintain a healthy, and even profitable financial position, the Sky needs to draw between 4,500 and 5,000 fans per game. The team’s attendance last season averaged about 3,400.

“It’s too early to tell right now what will happen,” Stender said. “But I think it’s entirely possible that we could hit that (5,000 per game) this year. We’re also working on getting additional sponsors and a much bigger television package. So, there’s a lot to be excited about around here.”

Wow! Season ticket sales are currently double what they were last December!

The move to All-State was a fantastic decision by the Sky. Not only is it a much nicer arena than the Pavillion, it’s in a location where both city and suburban folks feel comfortable getting to. It’s in a very centralized, sensible and safe location.

Also, in the quotes above, Stender says that in order for the Sky to be financially stable (and possibly even turn a profit) they would have to average about 4,500 to 5,000 fans per game. Thing is, I think that’s an old Stender quote so I wonder if that number has changed with the move to the (probably more expensive) All-State Arena.

Lastly, Stender mentions that they Sky are actively pursuing additional sponsors and a bigger television package so hopefully we’ll get even more good news in the future.

Sky in 2010!


~ by audsquad on December 21, 2009.

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