Article: Tamera Young

* Article *Young playing in Turkey, excited about upcoming season in Chicago (Star News)

Great article, definitely a good read. Some excerpts…

Young said she is still adjusting to Turkey and knows just a few words. Another adjustment has been the atmosphere inside the arena.

“We have just about a full crowd every home game and they are rowdy,” Young said. “They play drums during the game. It’s louder than here actually.”

Drums during the game? Hey, I love the drumline as much as next person, but if they were just beating away at their drums the entire game, I would definitely need to invest in some quality earplugs 🙂

She is excited about a full season in Chicago.

“I think I adjusted well in the time that I was there,” Young said. “I was only there three or four weeks and I was kind of thrown right into things.

“It was like I was always playing catch-up, whereas this year I get to start off fresh and be there for training camp so I think it will be a lot better for me.”

I agree that things should be different for Young next year. She fits in really well with what the Sky need at the small forward and things will probably go smoother for her if she is able to participate in a full training camp and preseason with the Sky.

Welcome back to the States, Tamera!


~ by audsquad on December 22, 2009.

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