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First of all, here’s a couple new vids of Sky Guy hanging around at some local events. The first is a video of Sky Guy kickin’ it at Mayor Daly’s holiday sports fest @ McCormick Place. The second is of Sky Guy and the Dunk Team at the “Walker Basketball Tournament.” I’m not sure where or what that is, but it looks like jr. high or middle school girls…


Last Saturday, Babcock-McGraw over at the Daily Herald had a nice article about Brittney Griner: Baylor’s Griner could revolutionize women’s basketball. The article talks about Griner’s two dunks vs. Texas State and discusses other pioneers of the women’s game. I liked this tidbit…

Sure, she’s 6-foot-8. I guess she should be able to dunk. But, just remind yourself of this: we don’t dismiss the dunking skills of a man just because he’s 6-foot-8.

Very true.


I came across Chasity Melvin’s blog on twitter today. You’re probably thinking, “Chasity Melvin? She doesn’t play on the Sky anymore?!?” To that I say…SO WHAT! LoL 🙂 Chas is one of my favorite players to ever wear the powder blue and yellow so I’m gonna link to her blog whether its relevant or not. Oddly enough though, it is relevant on a couple different fronts. First of all, if you click on the link and check out the blog you will see that Chas is wearing a Sky uniform in the blog’s main background picture. Clearly she misses us too :-). Secondly, in this recent post she talks about her teammates, including the Sky’s own Courtney Paris. She’s got an nice breakdown of “Coco’s” game as well so it’s well worth the read.


As most of you probably already know, next year the league is cutting the number of assistant coaches on each team from two to one. For the Sky, that means either Coach White or Coach Mitchell has to be let go. Coach White is probably the one sticking around, but Coach Mitchell has appparently been keeping himself very busy this offseason. Check out this article: Ramona coach leads boys, girls teams. Coach Mitchell has been coaching the girls and boys basketball teams at Ramona high school in Cali this season. From the article…

Here’s how it came to be.

Norm Coulter was supposed to coach the Ramona girls basketball team this year before being whisked away by the prospect of a reality show in which he would help train professional athletes.

Rather than force the school to find a last-second replacement, the 42-year-old Mitchell, who’d coached the boys for the previous two seasons, agreed to take on the girls as well.

The article says that Mitchell has been coaching the boys team for two years already so I guess this is how he’s been spending his last couple offseasons. I really enjoyed this article because, honestly, I never really knew anything about Coach Mitchell. I didn’t know that he coached HS basketball. I didn’t know that he had a 1-year old son. I didn’t know he was engaged. I didn’t know he almost made it in the NBA. I didn’t know he was from California. I learned all that stuff from the article. I really like Coach Mitchell so if he really isn’t going to be back with the Sky next year because of cuts, then I wish him the best of luck.

Coach Mitchell with the Ramona High boys and girls


Later, Sky fans…

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


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