NU student to produce new WNBA theme song?

Ok, so this was an interesting story that I first came across on Rebkell’s Message Boards in a thread entitled: College Rapper to work with WNBA on Commercial. Needless to say, I was intrigued. The Rebkell thread linked to this article: NU’s very own “3D” to release new single. After reading the article, it appears that a Northwestern student named James “3D” Brooks is producing a song that will be used in a WNBA commercial for the 2010 season…

He’s working on a commercial for the WNBA, where he will take part in a video with the players themselves as well as have his song “Chosen” featured.

This is really cool. I mean, the WNBA is going to be featuring a rapper in commercials next year? A male rapper?!? As much as I love the teeny-bopper punk-rock girls that the league always insists on using (*sarcasm*), this will be a nice change (…Alicia Keys in 2008 was cool though). Is the leagues break-from-the-norm an anomaly or a sign of things to come? Is 2010 the year when the WNBA gets a clue marketing-wise and inserts a little edginess into their image? Or, will the league find a way to water this down and make it as lame as all their previous marketing efforts?

In an attempt to get a sense of where the league was going in 2010, I set out to find this song “Chosen” to see if it was a “real” rap song or if was just another lame pop tune disguised as rap. Well, I found this website and playlist of 3D’s music (his official blog is here). The song “Chosen” is the first song listed in the playlist. It’s a really good song that the league can do a lot with if they’re willing to take some chances.

Anyway, here’s some more info about 3D from his bio…

James “3D” Brooks was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and at the age of 7, he moved to the North Side of Little Rock, Arkansas.  He currently spends most of his time in Chicago finishing up school at Northwestern University. 3D has shared bills with various artists such as Rick Ross, David Banner, Ludacris, UGK, Bobby Valentino, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Mike Jones, and Hurricane Chris just to name a few.  A combination of Southern swag and lyrical content, the music speaks for itself. 3D released his first project, “Real Recognize Real”, in May 2008, which has sold over 3,000 copies. The album created a big buzz in Little Rock and on the Northwestern campus, as there were great reactions to one of their own pursuing his passion.

In June of 2009, 3D dropped his second release, “Da Revival Vol. 1”, and he grabbed everyone’s attention. Now with Fuzion Artist Management, you will be hearing a lot more of the Southern Artist with Universal Appeal.  In early January, 3D will release “Dimensions”, the first of an upcoming 4 part mixtape series. Welcome to the 3D Experience.

Also, it looks like 3D will be performing at NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas as well. From the article above…

Next month, Brooks will be the main performer at NBA’s All Star Weekend at a charity fundraiser sponsored by Fuzion Athlete Management & The Dalembert Foundation.

“I’ve gotta say, All Star Weekend, that’s a lifetime experience and to have that be your intro to the industry is something, you know, it gets no better than that,” Brooks said.

According to his website, Brooks is signed with Fuzion Management…a management company that also has some WNBA signees (ex. Tameka Johnson). I know that the Sky are having some kind of joint endeavor with Fuzion during NBA all-star weekend so perhaps all of this is related. Either way, I like the direction that the WNBA is going and it’s nice to see a local kid being part of it.

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on January 28, 2010.

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