Dupree: 11pts, 9rbs (AND A DUNK!) in ELW All-Star Game

Europe 93
Rest of the World 89
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So, I was just casually going thru game reports and stuff for this game and came across this unexpected little tidbit…

It was during the break, too, that Good Angels Kosice pair Angel McCoughtry and Candice Dupree – two players recently named in the USA national team squad for 2010-2012 – went out and tried to dunk for the fans.

McCoughtry rose high enough but watched her attempt bounce off the back of the rim while Dupree did dunk with her right hand.

Wait…what??! Candice can dunk?!? Sky fans, she’s been holding out on us all these years! Where’s the video of this, FIBAEurope!?!

I guess there’s always the possibility that the “dunk” is something that Candice has recently added to her game. I mean, last year she returned from Europe with 3-point range, so perhaps this year she added a throwdown to her repertoire! Please, oh please, Candice give us a dunk at All-State this summer. That would be all sorts of A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

Is there anything that Candice Dupree can’t do? Apparently not! 🙂

Anyway, with regards to the actual game, Candice had 11pts, 9rbs, 2stls and 2blks in 23mins of play but the “Rest of the World” team lost to Europe. The European team is definitely stacked with a lot of talent, but I highly doubt the Americans/Aussies (who made up the entire ROTW team) were taking this game very seriously. I don’t know for sure though cuz I didn’t actually watch the game. The 2010 World Championships should settle this question though, right? LoL 🙂

In the highlight video linked above, you can see a nice Dupree layup in transition about halfway thru the vid.

Also, on the FIBA Europe website, I came across this article (All-Star People Too), which talks about how the some ELW All-Stars, including Dupree, made some visits to an orphange and a children’s hospital prior to the game…

Alba Torrens, the FIBA Europe Young Women’s Player of the Year from Spain, and Good Angels Kosice forward Candice Dupree, accompanied Jekabsone-Zogota.

One child wanted to know how Dupree got her start in professional basketball, so she shared her experience of playing in college at Temple University in Philadelphia before turning pro.

By the end, children requested autographs, took photos with Torrens, Jekabsone-Zogota and Dupree, and reached out for hugs.

Dupree was asked about the importance of reaching out to children during the All-Star event.

“I think it’s important regardless of whether it’s an All-Star event or not,” she said.

“The kids always enjoy seeing special athletes, the people they look up to, aspire to be.

“So for us to come out here and give them an opportunity to play with new toys, meet new faces and bring smiles to their faces, I always enjoy that.”

Very cool!

Lastly, according to her most recent blog on the official site, now that the all-star game is over, Dupree will soon be returning to the States (…if she’s not already here) to chill for a bit before heading back overseas.

Enjoy the time off, Candice and good luck in the Slovakian league playoffs when you return there in April!

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~ by audsquad on March 10, 2010.

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  1. Candice Dupree jest super.

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