Article: Prince on Sky’s Radar for WNBA Draft

New article from the Chicago Tribune — Prince on Sky’s Radar for the WNBA Draft. They’re referring to Epiphany Price, the 5’9″ guard from Rutgers/Turkey. Here’s Coach White’s breakdown from the article…

“Prince is a playmaker who can really make things happen,” Sky assistant coach Stephanie White said. “You have to go for the best player available. We know that we are going to need a point guard to take over this team. And we know we need some solid size to back up (center Sylvia Fowles) because she hasn’t been healthy. Those are two areas we probably are going to need.”

Sounds good to me, I guess. If the Sky are hellbent on using Toliver as a 2-guard, so be it — draft another guard. Everyone’s a combo guard these days anyway so I guess it really doesn’t matter, right?

Anyway, from this article alone, I really don’t see this as the Sky are leaning toward drafting Prince. It sounds to me like White was just commenting on Prince among other things. The article is short so we don’t get much context so who really knows. It is important to note though that Prince and Courtney Paris are teammates on Botas in Turkey (…or at least they were — I think Paris is back in the States rehabbing or something right now). So perhaps that connection has something to do with the Sky eyeing Prince.

Either way, I don’t really care too much about the draft. We get who we get. I’ll just cheer for whoever is wearing the powder blue and yellow at AllState this summer. I’m not gonna get my hopes up about certain prospects only to be disappointed on April 8th. Been there…done that…read the book…watched the movie. Of course, I always end up loving our pick once the season starts — but draft day always sucks. This year, I just honestly don’t care who we draft. Hopefully we just go for the best talent available.

While we’re on the topic of the draft, let me link to this SLAM article from a couple weeks ago in which Coach White critiques/analyzes Ben York’s  mock draft. She comments on all of the prospective first rounders. With regards to Prince (who York has going to Minny @ #3), White says…

“Prince is very good off the dribble and can swing over to run the point as well. If she goes to the Lynx she will be another dangerous perimeter player to compliment Seimone Augustus and Candice Wiggins.”

In this brief breakdown, White seems to be referring to Prince as more of a 2-guard that can play the point, as opposed to a straight-up PG. Once again, everyone’s a combo guard these days.

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~ by audsquad on March 24, 2010.

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