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Yup, bunch of random stuff today…

Coach Key is excited for the new season…

The Sky is very happy about our new additions this upcoming season, whether thru dispersal drafts, trades, free agency or the most recent draft of 2010 we got the players we wanted. We have assembled our best roster ever as we enter our fifth season. With that and the move to the Allstate Arena, the Sky fans are going to have more to cheer about this season than any past season.

Can’t argue with that. We’re looking pretty good.


Anyone watch Shyra Ely on uStream last night? If you missed it, I’m sorry. I really am. It was truly a fantastic way to spend 1.5 hours of my life. Lucky for you though, Shyra recorded it and its now posted on her uStream page. All I gotta say about this is…HOW DOES A LEAGUE WITH SO MANY AMAZING PERSONALITIES, HAVE NO PERSONALITY! I mean, seriously, how does that happen?  Ely is a 5-year WNBA veteran. She’s my favorite player on my favorite team…and I didn’t know a damn thing about her until yesterday! And when I say that, I’m not referring to all the interesting personal info about her off-court life that Ely shared with us…I’m just talking about her overall personality. I had no idea. Ely was fun, entertaining, honest and just an overall hoot. A marketer’s dream. A definite fan favorite. The WNBA has gotta do a better job of marketing their players! There’s no reason that it should take 5 seasons for me to figure out just how cool Shyra Ely is.

Regarding the actual content of her uStream, Ely covered it all. She answered everyone’s questions. She talked NBA basketball, WNBA basketball, her time at Tennessee, her styling biz, her injury, music, movies…the list goes on and on. We got to meet her mother and her dog. We got great stories about her camera-shy BF. Charde Houston, Renee Montgomery and Kristi Toliver even dropped by the chat as well. Let me say this, Toliver drops some of the most brilliantly sarcastic one-liners I have ever heard. It was an all-around good time!

Since I’ve last updated you guys on Ely’s injury, she has written two more marvelous blog entries over on Yardbarker

Day 3 Post-op. Glad to hear this…

I’m encouraged today. Today was better than yesterday and that’s all I can ask for…Thank you, Father.

Lord, forgive me, I’m too vain for this injury. These parts made me laugh…

Mr. Doctor, thank you so much for repairing my knee. Question: What is up with this enormous scar?!?! Doesn’t he know I’m a fashionista? I can’t show my legs with what looks like a train track running down my knee.

I don’t need the reminder, honey, I’ll remember. People keep saying, “oh it will remind you of your perseverance and strength.” I appreciate it yall, but I’m good. I will always remember this. I don’t need the scar to jog my memory…lol!

What is this nonsense my mother is talking about? No she did not just tell me to make sure that I move around and change positions in my bed so that don’t have skin breakdown. What the french is skin breakdown? Bed sores? I’m gonna have bed sores?? This is ridic! I’ll definitely be actively sleeping…

Actively sleeping? LoL :-)…


Happy Earth Day! …

Earth Day officially launches the Girl Scouts Forever Green Community Action Project. During the six week campaign to encourage the community to take action to protect the environment the Girl Scouts in partnership with the Sky and Motorola are inviting the entire Chicago-land community to become Forever Green “change agents”.

Together we will collect as many cell phones and batteries as possible. Our stories and progress will be tracked through various social media resources and families, friends and the community at large will have the opportunity to learn about the impact of improperly discarded cell phones and batteries on the environment. Three local Girl Scouts are hosting a Forever Green Blog educating the public on the importance of environmental issues in Chicago and offering ways the public can make an impact on various levels.

Everyone is welcome to participate by registering at girlscouts.com or chicagosky.net.

The Girl Scouts Forever Green Action Project will culminate on June 5 at Allstate Arena when the Sky takes on the Tulsa Shock. The Sky will host the Girl Scouts at the Girl Scouts Forever Green Festival to celebrate the efforts of all the Forever Green “change agents” and with the help of Motorola, to properly dispose of all the batteries and cell phones that were collected.

The registration fee is $20 which includes a registration packet, admittance to the Forever Green Festival with complimentary food, beverage and music, and one ticket to the Chicago Sky “Go Green” game. Additionally, the Sky will donate $5 to the Girl Scouts for every Festival registrant.

More info (from Market Watch)Girl Scouts, Chicago Sky, Motorola Partner to Lead Environmental Efforts

Even more (from ChicagoNOW)Forever Green Blog


This has nothing to do with the Sky, but the search engine (*edit* decision engine, my bad) “Bing” has signed on as major sponsor for the Seattle Storm

The Seattle Storm and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) today announced a multiyear marquee partnership with Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft Corp. As part of the innovative alliance, Bing will receive predominant placement on Storm jerseys, become the official decision engine of the Storm, and be deeply integrated into Storm marketing and promotional materials. Additionally, Bing will become the presenting sponsor of the Jr. Storm youth basketball initiative and share the Storm with its hometown by giving away tickets to Jr. Storm participants throughout the 2010 season.

This is really cool. Lifelock? Farmers? Those sponsorships are cool but, c’mon now, I don’t really know or care what either of those products are. But Bing? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s all over the place. I never thought anything could break my loyalty to Google, but today I replaced Google with Bing on bookmarks bar. Sorry Google, nothing personal. Bing it on, baby! (Google Chrome is still hand-down the BEST browser EVER so me and the Googs are still cool lol)

Nice! Can we get a sponsorship too?

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


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