Ely, Toliver, Photo Galleries & Season Tix…

Shyra Ely checks in again with another fantastic blog post over on Yardbarker called 2 Weeks Post Op. She starts by talking about her latest doctor’s visit…

Great pic! (@ShyShy43)

I went to the doc yesterday for my 2 week appointment. I had a great visit. I finally got my crusty staples out…lol! I’m so glad because those things have been itching like crazy. My first question to Doc was what am I supposed to do about this scar?! He recommended 2 ointments to put on my scar: Mederma and Scar-guard. Needless to say, the pharmacy was my first stop leaving the doc. Goodness, that ointment was $30 apiece! It better work for that kind of money! It’s a small price compared to my absolute horror of showing this scar to anyone…yuck! And, it’s the summer…boo! I guess I have to get used to the idea of having it with me forever. 🙂 Oh! Finally, I can get my whole leg wet in the shower! My leg hasn’t been completely cleaned in 2 weeks…ha! We call it my “Stanky Leg”

Ely is hilarious! There’s some serious parts of the blog too, especially when she also talks about the pain of physical therapy…

Don’t worry about these tears I’ll be fine. These tears aren’t emotional, these exercises are just painful. I’m tough though, whatever it takes.

Shyra on being bored and missing the gym…

Omg! I’m am the last person on this earth that should be bed ridden. I have been so bored out of my mind it’s not even funny. You can only watch so much tv in a day!

I was in the gym today! Man I miss the beans out of the gym! There is no way I can go to a gym and not touch a ball, no matter how much I try to fight it. I guess I’m just a gym rat. I got a few shots up and that was like heaven. I was trying to figure out what I can start working on right away and it’s looking like form shooting, free throws, and stationary ball handling. I’m excited, I just want to move around and exercise.

I found this last part rather intriguing…

Chicago will release me soon. That sucks by itself. I totally understand though. This is a business. I can’t contribute this season. The roster spots are down to 11. The season is so long and strenuous, players are going to get hurt (unfortunately). As a general manager, there’s no question. I appreciate the Sky staff for keeping on the roster this long. It may not seem like a big deal but as I said, this is a business. So often, teams dispose of players like yesterday’s garbage, respectfully. I’m blessed that I played for an organization that cared about me totally, as a person and not just an employee. That meant so much to me. The Sky staff has reached out to me a number of times and they have made me feel like I was still a part of the team. I would hate to imagine how I would have felt if they treated me differently. I’m very thankful and blessed for that because I’m a relationship type of person. I’m a people person and I love building great relationships. As the team traveled to Minnesota, Tamera Young sent me a message telling me that she saved my seat on the bus. I almost cried! Lol! I’m such a punk! Thanks, Tammy, that meant more than you know.

Hmmm…maybe the Sky front office doesn’t completely suck. I really should cut ’em some slack and stop spewing all kinds of haterade in their direction every opportunity I get lol 🙂

Anyway, as always, Ely’s blog is hilarious, sad, genuine, entertaining and touching. It literally runs the full gamut of emotions. A definite must-read so check out the whole thing, ok? ok!

* * I just had to add that Ely pic at the beginning cuz it was so perfect! It’s a pic from her twitter page. Sorry. I usually don’t do that.


Guess who made it back to town yesterday…

Toliver back in the Chi!

KRISTI TOLIVER! That info came via Toliver’s twitter page (@KristiToliver). Good to have another Sky baller back home 😀


Over on the right panel of this page, as promised, I added a new sub-page called “Photo Galleries” (beneath the “About the Blog” and “About the Team” pages). I’m going to use that page to link to all of the Sports Page Magazine Chicago Sky photo galleries throughout the season. I also went back and linked to all the SPM Sky photo galleries from 2009 as well. I don’t know if I’ll be doing that for ’06 thru ’08 because (a) I don’t know how far back their archives go and (b) it takes a heckuva long time to do! But we’ll see. More galleries will be added to the 2010 gallery as they become available.


Lastly, I got my SEASON TICKETS in the mail today!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…just ignore the giant picture of Dupree on the cover, ok? ok! But seriously, I love getting my season tix. It’s the greatest FedEx package I get all year! And, do you see that second smaller packet below the season tix…those are parking passes. Yes, PARKING PASSES! I didn’t even know I was getting free parking passes until I opened the package and saw them. Seriously, this literally made my freakin’ day! There is nothing that I hate more that having to pay exorbitant amounts of money just to put my car somewhere for a couple hours. Hey, I’m from the ‘burbs…what can I say!

Anyway, I was budgeting my summer expenses to include $15/per game for parking at every Sky home game (…I was just estimating cuz I have no idea how much parking is at Allstate)

$15 x (17 home games + 2 preseason home games) = $285

So, basically, I just unexpectedly saved $285 this summer! Christmas in May, baby!

Hmmm…I don’t actually remember reading anything about free parking passes and I don’t actually remember paying for parking passes…perhaps this was a mistake and I should keep my lucky break on the DL instead of shouting it from the rooftops! LoL 🙂 Oh boy, I hope my parking passes don’t get confiscated…

The season is upon us! Can’t wait!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on May 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ely, Toliver, Photo Galleries & Season Tix…”

  1. My mom got parking passes last year and the year before at the Pavillion. Its worth even more at the Horizon, since IIRC parking there is $18(!). It was $25 for Wrestlemania a few years ago.

    • Yeah, I got free parking passes last year too but I knew about that ahead of time. It was a perk for renewing early or something. This year, I didn’t know anything about parking passes until I got them. Free parking isn’t listed as 2010 season ticket holder perk anywhere. But hey, trust me, I ain’t complaining! Not having to pay for parking is the coolest thing in the world!

    • Hmmm…actually, I just checked and free parking is indeed listed as a STH perk on the official site. Somehow I just overlooked that, I guess. Pleasant surprise!

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