Preseason #2: Sky 74, Lynx 65

In the first ever Sky game at Allstate Arena, the Chicago Sky defeated the Minnesota Lynx 74 – 65.

Recap || Box Score || Photo Gallery

Leading Scorers
Catherine Kraayeveld — 20 pts
Misti Bass — 9 pts
Dominique Canty — 7 pts
Erin Thorn — 7 pts

Leading Rebounders
Catherine Kraayeveld — 6 rbs
Mistie Bass — 6 rbs
Sandora Irvin — 6 rbs
Abi Olajuwon — 4 rbs

Leading Assists
Dominique Canty — 6 asts
Erin Thorn — 5 asts
Jia Perkins — 3 asts

Leading Steals
Mistie Bass — 2 stls

Leading Blocks
Sandora Irvin — 2 blks

Using the box score as my only guide, I would have to say the “Players of the Game” were Kraayeveld (20pts, 6rbs in 28mins), Bass (9pts, 6rbs, 2stls in 22mins) and Canty (7pts, 6asts, 0 turnovers in 23mins).

Sky as a team shot 86% on free throws!

Some pre-game, in-game and post-game chatter about the game going on at Rebkell’s message board.

The Chicago Sky’s twitter page (@wnbachicagosky) had some cool photos and provided us with some great in-game updates (…although, I think they forgot to tweet the final score! I waited and waited…lol :-))

*ARTICLE* Sky win two preseason games in a row (Daily Herald)

*ARTICLE* Sky rise to their potential in home debut (

*ARTICLE* Sky handle Lynx 74-65 (Chicago Tribune)

“I am seeing a lot of growth from day to day,” coach/GM Steven Key said. “Once our team is complete and I make the final decision of which 11 are going to be with us, we will be anxious to really get that team going. Unfortunately for us, we’re not going to have a lot of training camp to do that.”

*PHOTO GALLERY* Sports Page Magazine

*ARTICLE & VIDEO* Kraayeveld leads Sky to preseason win

Usually for all home games (especially preseason games because so few people are actually able to see them) I do a lengthy write-up and recap about the game, breaking down each player and whatnot. Unfortunately, like most people, I was unable to attend the game due to the 11:30 am start time on a weekday. My ticket did not go to waste though. I generously gave my ticket and parking pass to my Dad. When I got home this evening, this was the brilliant, insightful info I was able to get out of him *(my comments are in italics and blue)*

* * The parking situation at Allstate is too confusing. They gotta direct people where they’re supposed to go a whole lot better (I suppose they’ll have this better organized by opening day)

* * Parking is $11 (if that’s gonna be the price for all games, that’s not too bad. I was expecting it to be much higher)

* * Food at the arena is expensive (duh!) and they don’t serve coffee (c’mon Dad, who goes to a basketball game and orders coffee?!?)

* * The arena is huge. The Pavillion was more cozy (there will hopefully be more people there for regular season games)

* * I miss Candice Dupree. (Dad, I’m SOOOO over that. You need to get over it too)

* * Where’s the other big girl? Did she leave too? (no, Dad, Sylvia Fowles will be back soon. She just recently returned to the states after ballin’ in Russia the entire winter)

* * #11 and #7 were by far the best players out there. (I was excited to hear that cuz I definitely want Toliver and Young to do well. Then I looked at the box score and was like WTF is my dad talking about! The box score doesn’t always tell the whole story, but it’s more likely that my dad just doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about)

* * The big girl wasn’t very good. Not impressed. (which big girl? black or white?) White. (Dad, Kraayeveld had 20pts and 6rebs. She was clearly the Sky’s best player tonite. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about!)

* * The Sky are very small. Only that one white girl had any size. (Did you not see Abi Olajuwon? She’s got some size. I’m pretty sure Olajuwon is bigger than Kraayeveld. Anyway, neither of our actual centers are in town yet)

* * The Sky’s president, what’s her name again? (Margaret Stender, Dad) Yeah, her…she was walking around talking to everyone. I was hoping she didn’t come talk to me because I wouldn’t know what to say to her…except that I’m sad Candice Dupree isn’t playin here any more (Get over it, Dad).

* * Overall the Sky looked really good. I had a great time. (What about Minnesota?) Sorry, I wasn’t paying any attention to them.

And there you have it folks, the wonderful Game #2 recap. If you think it sucks, blame my Dad.

Some pics from

Christon sizin' up the competition...

Irvin drivin' to the hoop...

Olajuwon postin' up...

Christon backin' em down...

Whalen: My favorite non-Sky basketball player...

Young strokin' the sweet jumper...

Toliver showin' perfect form...

Olajuwon shootin' from the outside...

Kraayeveld puttin' in work...

*NEXT GAME* May 7th (Friday) 11am @ *CONSECO FIELDHOUSE* (Indianapolis, IN)

Nice win, Sky! 2-0 in preseason!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


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