Sky trade Toliver to LA Sparks for, uh, NOTHING!

It’s tough being a Sky fan. It’s a heartbreaking, thankless job. The players hate the team. It’s just a matter of time before each one of them asks to leave. The management hates the fans. At this point it seems like they are just doing things to intentionally piss us off. The coach is a moron. The GM is an imbecile. Unfortunately, they’re the same person, so that makes the coach also an imbecile and the GM also a moron. The fans despise the coach, GM and management. All the while, the team sucks and never wins anything. Nice. Happy Opening Day Eve, Sky fans.

So, I was going to write the blog about this so-called trade yesterday, but I figured I should wait a day to kinda see what happens with the final roster. Therefore, instead of venting on this blog yesterday, I instead did it on Twitter and various message boards, expressing my disbelief and confusion with other disbelieving and confused Sky fans. After a good night’s sleep, I’m ready to talk about this…

For anyone that hasn’t heard, Kristi Toliver was traded to the Sparks for LA’s 2nd round draft pick in 2011. Yeah, you heard that right…2nd round. It’s not April 1st and this is not a joke…

Sparks Acquire Guard Kristi Toliver From Sky (from

Sky trades guard Toliver to Sparks for draft pick (from Daily Herald)

Sky trade Toliver to Sparks for 2011 draft pick (from

I have a problem with this for several reasons…

(1) Why trade Toliver in the first place? She looked great in the preseason and her game fits in well with what we need. She appeared ready to embrace her role as a backup shooting guard and secondary ball handler. She didn’t seem to be unhappy and I didn’t get the sense that she expected to be traded. It seemed to me, she was all ready to play ball this season for the Chicago Sky. Did the Sky just instinctively decide to give Toliver away for nothing so that they could keep Sandora Irvin on the roster? So, we essentially traded Kristi Toliver for Sandora Irvin, right? That’s dumb. Just. Plain. Dumb.

(2) Why trade Toliver for a 2nd round pick? Toliver ain’t no scrub. Kristi is a potential gamechanger in every single game she plays in. She’s the x-factor, the spark (no pun intended). She was the #3 pick in the draft a year ago. A second round pick was the best we could do, really? Did you even try, Key? Did you? This is ridiculous.

(3) Why trade her now? Ok, so why wait until two days before the season starts to trade Toliver? I mean, it’s not like there was some big, blockbuster trade in the works. If all they wanted in return was a measley 2nd round pick, this coulda been done weeks, if not months, ago. Does the Sky front office get some kind of obscene pleasure out of ‘effing with the fans? I mean, were they sitting around the office like, “well, we tried to crush them with that Dupree trade but they seemed to have handled that pretty well. Hmmm…what can we do now to try to completely break the spirit of Sky fans again? Oh I know, lets give away the most popular player on the team for nothing. That oughta do it!” I mean, seriously, Sky, is it your mission to play in an empty 18,000-seat arena? If that’s the goal, well done.

(4) Why trade her to the Sparks? If all we were asking for was a 2nd round pick in return, we coulda traded Toliver to any team in the league. Why the Sparks? I mean, which team is projected to finish at the bottom of the standings this season (besides the Sky)…Shock? Silver Stars? Mystics? Trade her to one of those teams. I’m not saying that because I want Toliver to be traded to basketball exile. I like Toliver and I wish her the best of luck. I hope she lights up the league every night with those beautiful treys. I hope she drops 50 on us when LA comes to town. But if the Sky had any common sense whatsoever, they would have traded her to the crappiest team possible so that they could get the best return on that 2011 2nd round pick. If they traded with, say, Tulsa, the Sky could perhaps have the 13th pick in 2011. By trading with LA, that pick will likely be closer to 20. Good for Toliver. Dumb move for the Sky.

(5) Why don’t the Sky own up to what they did? This is the most frustrating thing in all of this. If you visit the Sky’s official site, there is no mention of the trade. They sent out emails about their “Final Roster” with no mention of the trade. There hasn’t been a peep about this on the Sky’s Twitter or Facebook page. C’mon people! You did this! You made this trade! OWN UP TO IT! ADMIT WHAT YOU DID! Don’t sit here and try to ignore it hoping that no one will notice. Clearly there was a reason for making this move…why don’t you geniuses tell us what that reason is? At least pretend that you care about your fan base. At least acknowledge that you realize Toliver was a fan favorite. Tell the fans that you are sorry that things had to work out this way. You morons need to get off your asses and stop hiding from all of these dumb decisions that you make! This is so frustrating!!! They tried to do the same thing when Dupree was traded, like, uh, maybe no one will notice that she’s not here anymore. The Sky need to stop effin’ with the few fans that the have!

(6) How does Steven Key keep his job? Doesn’t it seem like Sky management is willing to roll with Key at the expense of all of our best/favorite players? This scenario has a very familiar feel to it. If there are any Bulls fans reading this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ya’ll remember Jerry Krause, right? …the former GM of the Bulls.  Remember how, back in the day, everyone used to question how that idiot kept his job amongst all the boneheaded moves he made during and after the MJ dynasty years. Well, do you remember what Charles Barkley’s response was? Monkey pictures. That was always Barkley’s response as to how/why Krause kept his job…monkey pictures. Google it. Key must have some monkey pictures too, man. This is craziness. Someone send John Paxson to go kick his ass…

I have always despised the Sparks, but the addition of Toliver just made them slightly less evil in my eyes. Best of luck in LA, Kristi. Light ’em up!

Forty-eight hours ago I was soooo excited for the start of this season. Now I’m just ticked off and disappointed all over again. Thanks for nuthin, Sky.

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on May 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sky trade Toliver to LA Sparks for, uh, NOTHING!”

  1. […] No Kristi Toliver. She was traded to LA Sparks yesterday for LA’s 2011 2nd round draft […]

  2. My only thoughts are

    1) Key is making this “his” team. To do this, he has to get rid of the players who he doesn’t get along with. That would certainly be Tolliver. But to get a throwaway pick for her is insane.

    2) Losing her isn’t going change much. He didn’t play her last year and he probably wasn’t going to play her this year. Its a wash.

    3) Key is a moron who needs to go.

    • I hear ya, idachafee. It takes quite the ego to trade away a talented player that fits well into the system (and that the fans love!) for NOTHING just because you can’t get along with her. That’s crazy. At what point do you stop shipping the players out and instead send the coach packing?

      Losing Toliver gives us less depth at our guard spots. That’s important. And yeah, Key didn’t play her much last year, but if he did, we may have made the playoffs! The point is, she coulda won some games for us like she did in that 2nd-to-last game vs. Indy. She was our x-factor and we didn’t utilize her. That’s on the coach.

      Not to mention, Toliver is a gamechanger. Like, she can instantly change any game in your favor if she catches fire. It’s not like she’s super streaky either. Sure, she fluctuates from quarter to quarter and game to game, but you can pretty much count on Toliver to light it up every other game or so. She ain’t gonna go cold for 5-10 game stretches or nothing.

      You’ve always said that Key was a sucky coach but a good GM…you still believe that? This trade really had nothing to do with Key/Toliver not being able to get along. I think they intended to keep Toliver all along but panicked toward the end cuz they decided they needed to keep an extra post (…b/c CP3 was not as good as we thought and Big Syl tweaked her knee a few times in the last preseason game). The only way to do that was to get rid of a guard. Toliver was the most expendable. They basically cut Toliver in favor of Irvin. Was that a good GM move, in your opinion?

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