Gameday! LiveBlogging Sky @ Fever…

Liveblogging GAME 2 of the “Sky/Fever Weekend Rivalry” series as I watch it on CN100

First Quarter

** Starting lineup for the Sky = Canty, Perkins, Christon, Kraayeveld and Big Syl. Fever start January, Catchings, Sutton-Brown, Hoffman and Douglas.
** Sky win the opening tip.
** The broadcast team mentions that Christon has a lingering neck injury.
** Jia takes first shot of the game…misses and is currently 0-10 in this series. Douglas knocks in a three to score the first points of the game.
** What’s with Catch at the free throw line? Goes 1-2
** Christon hits two free throws to finally put the Sky on the board. 2-4, Indy up…
** Poor interior pass to Big Syl from Christon. Leads to turnover and easy fastbreak layup for Fever. After another poor offensive possession by the the Sky. Fever get multiple chances to score…Catch finally drills a long 2. Fever up 8-2. Timeout Sky.
** Dang, Sky can’t buy a bucket!
** Canty hits first field goal.
** Nice block by Kraayeveld leads to a sweet trey from Christon. Sky back in it, 7-8.
** Back to back unforced turnovers lead to easy points for the Fever. Sky 7, Fever 12.
** ‘Rook with the nice drive!
** Jia FINALLY gets one to fall!
** January with a reverse layup over Big Syl.
** Sky/Fever trading buckets now. Game tied at 14.
** Fowles, Young, Prince, Thorn and Irvin on the court for the Sky now.
** Fever rookie, Jene Morris hits back to back buckets.
** TYoung follows her miss with an offensive board and putback.
** Mistie Bass into the game for Big Syl.
** Young with the steal but doesn’t get the shot off before the buzzer.
** At the end of the 1st, Fever 20, Sky 19.
** Sky’s defensive intensity looks really good. Shots started falling late in the quarter and the Sky were able to stay close.

Second Quarter

** Prince, Bass, Thorn, Irvin and Young on the court to start the 2nd.
** Dang, TYoung gets schooled by the Fever ‘rook (Morris) off the dribble!
** Sky fall back into a slump offensively. Can’t hit anything. Meanwhile, Morris remains hot and Fever go up 7. Sky 23, Fever 30 with 5:58 remaining in the half.
** All starters back on the court after the timeout.
** Nice bucket by Jess Moore in the lane to put the Fever up 9.
** Christon nails the big 3!!! We desperately needed that! Sky 26, Fever 32 with 4:16 remaining in the half.
** All these Gino’s East commercials are making me hungry. Where the heck is O’Hare plaza?
** Great interior pass to Big Syl in the paint. First basket for Big Syl. Sky to within 3.
** Canty all the way to the rim! Sky within 1!
** Prince back in the game for Canty
** Kraayeveld with the big 3 on a dish from Prince. Sky up 2, 35-33 with 1:33 remaining in the half.
** Sky starting to establish Big Syl in the paint with another nice interior pass. Fowles gets fouled and knocks down both free throws. Sky up 4, 37-34 with 1:05 left before the half. Timeout Fever.
** Nice block by Big Syl!
** Good D leads to easy fastbreak. Kraayeveld with the layup.
** Kraayeveld on Hoffman is much better than Kraayeveld on Catchings. Perkins guarding Catch. Thanks for making that adjustment, Coach Key/White!
** Sky close out the half with a 16-1 run and go into the halftime with a 6-point lead. 39-33.
** The Sky’s offense was up and down but their defensive intensity remained high throughout and carried them in the first half.

Third Quarter

** Canty, Perkins, Christon, Kraayeveld and Fowles on the court to start the half.
** Sky start with a good defensive possession, followed by a poor offensive possession which leads to an easy fastbreak bucket by the Fever.
** Wait, did TYoung start the half or did she just come in quickly for Christon? I’m not sure.
** Uh, yeah, Sutton-Brown got all arm on that. Canty has a legit gripe.
** Whoa…nice dish by Kraaye but that looked like a definite shot-clock violation. Fever got a legit gripe on that one! …but we’ll take it!
** Oh, they just said that TYoung did indeed start the half in place of Christon. Christon hasn’t played this yet this half probably due to the injury.
** Kraayeveld continues with the strong play.
** Sky/Fever trading buckets now. Game is all tied up at 41.
** Ok, that was one of those horrible interior passes to Big Syl. Can’t just throw it in there and hope it gets there.
** Prince back in the game. Thorn too.
** Perkins is SOOOO off. Definitely need her to get back on track…
** Back-to-back turnovers for the Sky leads to back-to-back fastbreak layups for the Fever. Fever up 45-41 with 3:31 remaining in the 3rd. Timeout Sky.
** Fever on a 12-2 run.
** Another Sky turnover leads to another easy fastbreak layup for the Fever.
** Nice feed from Perkins to Bass. Bass fouled. Bass front-rims the first free-throw. Hits the second. Sky down 5, 42-47 with 2:29 remaining in the 3rd.
** Ooooh…nice move from Canty! …attacked the rim with a nice drive and hit the layup in traffic.
** Big Syl hittin’ free throws! …brings Sky to within 3 with just under a minute remaining.
** Prince attacks the rim and scores the bucket. NIIIIICE!
** Quarter ends with the Sky down 5, 48-53. Lots of careless turnovers leading to easy fastbreak points for the Fever. Once again, no “3rd Quarter Meltdown” but definitely another “3rd Quarter Letdown.”

Fourth Quarter

** Big Syl, Canty, Kraaye, Thorn and Prince start the 4th.
** Big Syl misses a tough shot then picks up her 4th foul.
** First of all, why does Big Syl have the ball out at the 3-point line. Secondly, WTF kinda pass was that?!
** Uh oh, Fever up 9 now, lead Sky 59-50.
** Big Syl needs to establish better position for rebounding. With her height, athleticism and strenght, how does she get pushed out of position and out-rebounded so often?!?
** 5 fouls now on Fowles and Sky now trail by 11 with 7 mins remaining.
** Nice drive by Canty! Hits the shot AND 1!
** Irvin comes in the game. Fowles sits with 5 fouls.
** Thorn hits a nice shot to bring the Sky to within 7.
** Another turnover by the Sky. They get back on D to prevent the fastbreak layup this time though.
** Jia HITS A SHOT! 7-0 Sky run. Fever still up 4 with 5:06 remaining.
** What are these refs looking at? That was clearly out of bounds on Jia. Fever ball.
** Ok, nevermind…Sky ball. I don’t know what’s going on but I ain’t complaining…
** Bad offensive possession by the Sky.
** Big Syl back in the game…
** ANOTHER bad turnover by the Sky which leads to ANOTHER Fever fastbreak layup…and 1. Fever up 9 now with 3:10 remaining. 66-57. Slipping away…
** ANOTHER horrible turnover by the Sky. Barring a miracle, this one is over. Sky still down 9 with under 2:00 minutes remaining.
** Offensive foul on Jia. Technical foul on Key. Fever up 12 with 24 ticks left. This one is officially over.
** The game started well for the Sky but got really ugly for them down the stretch. Too many unforced turnovers.
** Fever win 69 to 61. Fever rise to 2-2. Sky fall to 0-4.
** Do we really have to play this Fever team 3 more freakin’ times? Ugh!

Box Score
Photo Gallery


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