More on Big Syl…

After the awesome games last week and being named the eastern conference “Player of the Week”, there has been lots of great stuff out there being written about our formidable, unstoppable center…

* A R T I C L E * Fowles providing inside spark for surging Sky (Chicago Sun-Times) — First of all, I gotta ask…what the heck has gotten into the Sun-Times?!? All of a sudden, they have all kind of great Chicago Sky content. I guess when you go on a 4-game winning streak, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, eh!?Anyway, this is a great article that highlights Big Syl’s dominance while also making light of the contributions of everyone else during the streak. The article is a few days old and was written before the Liberty game…

”Although this is the best game [Fowles has] played since joining the Chicago Sky, by no means does this undermine what the rest of the team is doing,” coach Steven Key said.

”We’re continuing to get offensive contributions from the bench.”


* B L O G * Early Season MVP Watch: How Fowles is “undeniably making her presence felt” (Swish Appeal) — Always a good read if you want the intellectual approach to bball. I love the way Q breaks everything down by the numbers, but…

So enough with the numbers. In plain language, this has been the dilemma for defenses in guarding Fowles over the past four games: if she gets the ball in the paint, she’s going to score nearly 7 out of 10 times, turn it over less than 1 out of 10, or get to the free throw line and make about 8 out of 10.

Well, when ya put it like that, Big Syl’s dominance (…and potential level of dominance) become ever more crystal clear!


* Q & A * Sky’s the Limit for Sylvia Fowles ( — I could do without all of the injury talk in the beginning, but, other than that, this is a great interview. I love it how Big Syl talked at length about improving her free throw shooting, rebounding and decreasing the fouls. Great stuff… It’s obvious that the team needs you on the court because when you’re on the court the team is winning. Is that something that maybe Coach Key brought to your attention as well?

SFowles: Your teammates say stuff about it and I also know that they need me out there on the court to help them play. And as much as I like to be out there and I get in foul trouble it’s disappointing in a way. I’m not trying to disappoint myself nor let my teammates down, so I just play a little smarter and try not to block everything (laughs) and get through the first half with at least one or two fouls and I know I’ll be good to go throughout the rest of the game. I’ve been playing a little smarter. Like I said before, I can’t block everything even though I think I can. I can’t be picking up silly fouls like that, especially if I want to play and we need to win.


Way to go, Big Syl! Keep it up!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on June 11, 2010.

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