Game Notes: Sky 71, Liberty 79 (NYLibs > ChiSky)

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I didn’t expect the Sky to lose this game. I mean, seriously, who goes 0-4 against a team they’ve been battling with all season…for last place.

Anyway, for reasons unbeknown to me, I suddenly felt a surge of confidence in the Sky a day prior to this game. Perhaps it was because of the 3-game winning streak they were on. I dunno. Anyhoo, I went all crazy and decided to put a wager down on this game against a psycho Cappie/NYLib fan. So now, not only did the Sky lose and get swept by the Liberty…but I’m also out an additional $25 and I have no choice but to write these Game Notes with a pro-Liberty slant (…that’s why there’s a big Cappie pic at the top of this post). Thanks a lot, Sky.

I’m in a sour mood so let’s get this over with…

Everything NY does begins and ends with Cappie Pondexter. I’ve always known Cappie to be a scorer, but I never really realized her playmaking ability until this game. I mean, sure, her assist numbers are always high (…she’s averaging ~5 apg this season), but often times that’s just a natural by-product of a superstar having the ball in their hands 95% of the time. I mean, of course they’re going to get some assists if that’s the case, right? But, thing is, that’s not the case with Cappie. She is a legitimate playmaker. Not a PG, a playmaker. Big difference. She was setting people up left and right for easy buckets. She coulda easily had 10+ assists if some of her teammates were better able to (a) hang on to passes or (b) hit open layups/shots. Anyway, Cappie didn’t have the offensive outburst that we’ve seen from her so often in the past. Actually, she was kinda quiet with her scoring. She knocked in a couple long balls and had some SWEEEET drives to hoop, but overall, she didn’t kill us with her buckets (…and she definitely didn’t drop 50 on us!). Like I said before, this game, it appeared as if Cappie was utilized not only a playmaker, but also as a decoy. In other words, the Sky paid so much attention to her on defense that it left others open to to carry the scoring load. It worked, obviously.

Anyway, That’s all I have to say about Cappie for now. If you want a detailed play-by-play of her every move, breath and blink over the course of this entire game, check out the blog of my arch nemesis…er…I mean, friend…JScott Supports CP23 Blog. Let me warn you though…it’s the most cocky and obnoxious display of fandom that you will ever see ;-). Yeah, I lost the bet to that punk. LoL 🙂

Why does Taj McW-F kill us every game!?! I don’t get it. She’s like 40 years old, right? Does Big Syl intentionally go easy on Taj because it feels like she’s playing her grandma or something? I dunno what it is but 3 of the 4 Sky/Libs games that I’ve seen this season, Taj has outplayed Big Syl big time. Baffling. I do love Taj though. Always have, always will.

Why did Nicole Powell have to choose this game to NOT be a total non-factor? Geez.

Leilani Mitchell is the type of player that you absolutely love if she’s on your team, but absolutely hate when she’s on the opposition. She’s constantly going for steals and comes up with a lot of them. She always seems to hit a trey at the most inopportune time. Looking at the box score, Mitchell had two blocks. Who da heck got blocked (TWICE!) by this 5’5″ scrawny as heck point guard?!?

JMac and PPierson are two of my favorite Liberty players. Neither had stellar games but both were…serviceable.

With regards to the Sky…eh. I dunno. Sky played well the first half. Shots were falling and defense (especially on the perimeter) was on point. Third quarter the Sky continued to play tough but the Liberty got back in it. Then came the “4th Quarter Meltdown.” The biggest problem during the meltdown was that the Sky COMPLETELY forgot how to defend the perimeter. Libs starting drilling wide open treys with ease. The Sky started to turn the ball over more (…these guys still couldn’t make a decent entry pass into Big Syl if their lives depended on it…the whole game, not just the 4th), started missing layups and couldn’t hit open shots. Ballgame. Libs win.

Canty played hard till the final buzzer. That was appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed.

Although ET’s stat line doesn’t look all that spectacular, everything runs better and looked better when Erin was in the line-up. That’s a fact.

Bass and Thomas are really good. I really like our post rotation now. Yeah, the rotation is a little shorter, obviously, but it’s definitely stronger. Bass and Thomas fight hard on the boards, they have great positioning/spacing and the guards are able to hit them with great passes for easy layups. For the life of me, I can’t understand why we can’t do the same things for Big Syl. I really don’t get it. If plays run that well for Mistie and Christi, it should be a freakin’ cakewalk for Big Syl. What’s the problem?!?

Newbie Shay Murphy didn’t play. Hopefully she gets some minutes tonight against San Antonio.

Some links and stuff about the game…

* A R T I C L E * Sky settles for jump shots, then loss to Liberty (Daily Herald)

“Coach told us that we settled,” said Sky forward Tamera Young, who shot 2-for-9 from the field. “Not only did we settle for jump shots, we settled for shooting on the first pass, we settled for not moving the ball around.

I don’t know what it is (about New York). It seems like we come out with the same mind-set that we do for any other team, but for some reason, we just fall short on our assignments with them.”

“We had a mental breakdown,” said Sky center Sylvia Fowles, who scored 12 points and pulled down 16 rebounds. “In the second half, we weren’t doing the things we were doing in the first half that got us the lead. We were getting to the rim in the first half. In the second half, we weren’t doing that. We weren’t being patient and we were throwing up all kinds of stuff.

It’s mind-boggling that we keep losing to (New York), but we’ve got to put this behind us because we’ve got a game (today in San Antonio). I’m sure this team has what it takes to bounce back. We’ll show what we’re made of.”

* A R T I C L E * It’s Death, Not Liberty, For Chicago Sky Vs. New York in WNBA (Bleacher Report) — The title of this article is golden, but the content is just a good…

You could sum up Chicago’s performance at home in the Allstate Arena tonight as one large step backwards after making several steps forward. After a streaky first half of their fifth season in the league, they were beginning to find their groove. After losing four, winning four, losing four, they had won 7 of their last eleven, had clawed their way back to a .500 record, and had an opportunity to take a numerical and psychological advantage over another .500 team in the fight for a playoff berth.

“I was really pleased when a team can be that focused on shutting Cappie down and everyone else stepped up,” Donovan said. “They forced her to pass the ball, so to see other people step up was exciting.”

* A R T I C L E * Liberty rallies; Sky gets swept (Chicago Sun-Times)…

”It’s always disappointing to lose a season series to a team,” said rookie Epiphanny Prince, who came off the bench to lead the Sky (11-12) with 14 points. ”But to get swept is even worse.”

* V I D E O * Big Syl talking about the loss…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

* P H O T O S * From

Oh well. Apparently the Sky can get to .500, but actually getting above .500 is a bit harder. Now we’re below .500 again. I hate being below .500. Sky now have a LOOOONG road trip ahead of them (2 weeks!) but hopefully they can pick up a couple wins against some of the lowly western conference teams. Not holding my breath though…

Anyway, props to the NY Liberty on a great game…and a great overall series. I’m gonna go ahead and finally admit that the 2010 NY Liberty are a better team than the 2010 Chicago Sky. I’ve been arguing against this fact the entire season, but I’m just gonna go ahead and concede now.

Liberty > Sky.

NY > Chicago.

There. You happy now, Jscott? Will you shut up now? No? Didn’t think so.

* N E X T   G A M E * July 24th (Saturday) — 7pm vs. SA Silver Stars @ *AT&T CENTER*

((Watch live on CN100 or LiveAccess))
((Chicago Sky (11-12) vs. SA Silver Stars (8-13)))

Go Sky!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on July 24, 2010.

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  1. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!….NAW…just joking! I love it! HA…ha…can’t believe you said NY>CHI! WOW….I see you stopped smoking weed and came to your senses! GREAT!

    Cappie and the LIBS are BOMB! What can I say? I hope you learned from this….

    LOL…NICE BLOG…my FAVE one so Far! 😉

    • figures that you would like this blog the best. I def hope no one takes that weed comment seriously lol 🙂

  2. OH…thanks for the love…telling your readers about my blog! You’re freaking AWESOME!

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