Article: Sky’s Canty drop-kicks talk of retirement

* A R T I C L E * Sky’s Canty drop-kicks talk of retirement – for now (Daily Herald)

Some quotes…

Canty on wanting to make the playoffs and win a championship

“I want to make the playoffs more than ever,” Canty said. “I want to chase that championship, at least make it to the championship, to get that feeling of what it’s like.

“You don’t know how many more years you have left. I mean, nobody knows that. But especially if you’re toward the end of your career, you don’t know and you have a sense of urgency about everything.”

Canty on taking care of her body as she gets older…

When I was younger, I got out of practice and I was gone. I wasn’t doing all that extra stuff,” Canty said. “But I can’t do that anymore. I know I’ve got to maintain my body. Everything I’ve done has helped so much. I’ve felt great this year.”

Key and Canty on her role in 2011

Sky coach Steven Key says as good as Canty has been, she may get passed up next season by Prince, her protégé.

“Maybe Dominique goes from being a starter to coming off the bench for us next year, not playing quite as many minutes,” Key said. “I mean, that would be pretty good having a player like her come off the bench for you.”

Maybe so, but Canty’s not buying into the idea just yet.

“When I get back here, I’ll be fighting (for her usual starting spot),” Canty said firmly. “I don’t care what they say. I’m not backing down from anybody. I’m not giving up that easy.”

Great article! In my opinion, this was Canty’s best year as a member of the Sky. It’s good to hear that she’s gonna be sticking around a while longer. It does make me a little nervous that she’s talking about chasing a championship and whatnot. That kinda makes me think she might pull a “Dupree” on us. Hopefully she’s planning on getting that championship with the Sky.

Thanks for a great season, ‘Nique! Finish the season with a dub, then enjoy your well-deserved vacation in Cabo 🙂

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Article: Sky’s Canty drop-kicks talk of retirement”

  1. I hope she fights for her spot! Sucks that the Sky may not be here in 2012…we will make the playoffs and keep it going. Stay positive!

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