Oy vey! Shameka Christon out…

Shameka Christon will be out AT LEAST eight weeks with a knee injury

CHICAGO, May 31, 2011 – Chicago Sky Head Coach and General Manager Pokey Chatman announced today that forward Shameka Christon will miss at least eight weeks of the 2011 WNBA season following an injury to her right knee suffered in training camp.

“It is unfortunate that we won’t have Shameka to start the season,” said Chatman. “We will assist her in her recovery in any way we can. In the meantime, I am confident that our team will continue to prepare and work hard so we are ready on June 4.”

As the above excerpt states, Christon was healthy initially but injured her right knee in training camp and had surgery this week.

First and foremost, I want to wish Shameka a healthy and speedy recovery. She has had bad luck with injuries ever since she was traded to the Sky prior to start of the 2010 season. She missed 24 of the Sky’s 34 games last year with a freak eye injury and now this.

With regards to the impact of losing a player like Christon, it’s difficult to miss a player that we never really had. I mean, Christon played in 10 games last year for the Sky but was never able to get comfortable or contribute on a regular basis during that time. Throughout most of the offseason, I actually forgot that she was on this team because most of the focus is usually on Epiphanny Prince and Sylvia Fowles as the franchise players. There is always very little mention of Shameka Christon even though she is a former all-star .

Regardless, this injury to Christon hurts soooo bad. Any guesses why? No, it’s not because it leaves us weak at small forward. I think Tamera Young and others did a fine job of filling that spot last last season. It’s also not because the Sky will desperately miss her 8.5 points and 2.5 rebounds per game. Yes, her numbers will be missed, but others can/will step up.

What hurts the most about all of this is that Shameka Christon is the player that we got in the Candice Dupree trade.

The always reliable, Candice Dupree.

The Candice Dupree that missed ONE game in FOUR years with Sky…for a funeral, not injury.

Candice Dupree, the original (and only) franchise player for the Sky.

The Candice Dupree that CARRIED this team on her back for 135 games.

The Candice Dupree that gave us 15.6 points and 7.3 rebounds.

The greatest player to ever put on a Sky uniform.

My favorite basketball player on the planet.

Yeah, this sucks. Phoenix gets Candice. New York gets Cappie. We (Sky) get Catherine Kraayeveld.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cat …but it’s a helluva lopsided trade, folks.

I may write a blog about the Chicago Sky, but the Phoenix Mercury are my favorite team in the league. It’s still unforgivable that the Sky traded Candice away…and things like this injury to Christon make is so much more difficult to deal with. Yeah, we knew Candice could never really be replaced but…

Best of luck to Shameka in her recovery.

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on June 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “Oy vey! Shameka Christon out…”

  1. UM…damn…tell us how you really feel! WOW…you went in HARD! said fuck the Sky….Dayum! Phx your fav team? Really, really Aud?

    CD4 is about to have her own personal blog…written by her fav/biggest Fan….

    Sky…get it together cus I have a feeling this year…the writer of this blog is gonna go in hard!!


    • haha, ur a nut! I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk…although I knew it would probably come across that way. Just trying to write how I really feel about things instead sugar coating it, ya know..

      I’ma try not to go in too hard on the Sky this year though. Def don’t want to make this blog a constant downer.

      oh, and I’ve said the ENTIRE offseason that the PHX Mercury were my favorite team. Sky have been #2 for a loooong while now. Where you been?!?!

  2. […] have done more. Much more. And then there’s the whole “Candice Dupree” argument that I already ranted about and therefore will not bore you with […]

  3. the worst trade in wnba history…the liberty traded a first rd pick unprotected to the sparks for reserve f/g sidney spencer..pick turned out to be tina charles best center in wnba

    • Yeah, that trade is also pretty bad. Katie Smith for Chandi Jones is definitely also in the running for worst WNBA trade.

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