Season Opener TONIGHT! But first…

The Minnesota Lynx and Los Angeles Sparks kicked off the WNBA’s 15th season with a fun and riveting game last night on NBAtv.

Today, eight more teams get the same opportunity, including our Chicago Sky…

Chicago Sky (0-0) vs. Indiana Fever (0-0)
Conseco Fieldhouse
Indianapolis, IN
6:00pm CST

Available on: CN100 and Live Access

Before the Sky tip off their 6th season, lets settle a few things first…


* F I N A L  R O S T E R *
Meet your 2011 Chicago Sky


* S H A M E K A   C H R I S T O N   W A I V E D *
So, as you may have noticed from looking at the final roster above, Shameka Christon is missing. Yes, we knew Christon was injured and would be sidelines for at least 8 weeks but instead of waiting for her to recover, the Sky simply waived her (via Daily Herald)

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, yet it’s the nature and reality of sports,” said Pokey Chatman, head coach and general manager of the Sky. “Meka was obviously someone we were looking forward to returning back to form and helping us reach our goals.”

“Although she’s had an unbelievably difficult year considering her eye, concussion, and knee,” continued Chatman, “I’m positive she will find the resolve to bounce back. We wish her all the best on her road to recovery.”

I definitely understand the move. With 11-player rosters and no injured/inactive reserve, this move was inevitable. Although I understand it, I don’t know if I agree with it. I mean, is a healthy Angie Bjorkland on the bench gonna do more for this team than an injured Christon on the bench? Hell no! In the long run, Christon would have done more. Much more. And then there’s the whole “Candice Dupree” argument that I already ranted about and therefore will not bore you with again.

Best of luck in all future endeavors, Shameka!


* E P I P H A N N Y   P R I N C E   S T A Y I N G   H O M E *
Ok, so this is an issue that I purposely have not talked about on here thus far because, well, there’s just so much bad news that a fan can handle, ya know. Anyway, for several weeks, there were rumors swarming around that Prince would have to miss a several games in order to fulfill contractual obligations with the Russian National Team. Although the rumors and chatter were true, the issue has been resolved and it looks as if Prince will not be leaving the Sky for Russia afterall (via Washington Post)

“Though I was not selected to participate in Eurobasket this summer, if called upon, I remain committed to fulfilling my obligations to the Russian national team,” Prince told The Associated Press.

Looks like we’re good for this summer but clearly this will be an issue that keeps coming up year after year. So we definitely gotta keep an eye on this situation but I’m glad we don’t have to deal with it this summer.


* N E W   A R T I C L E S *
Here are links to a couple good articles about the start of the new season…

Chatman has high hopes for first season (via Michele Voepel @

“It’s nice that I had the transition time in Russia with some top American players to get me ready for this,” Chatman said. “It was a good segue into what to expect here. And I say this not to undervalue anyone abroad, but out of respect for the coaching here: It’s a step up.”

 Ex-LSU coach Pokey Chatman set to make WNBA debut with Chicago Sky (via

“We’re not going to ignore or hide this team’s shortcomings,” Chatman said. “But we will use them as motivation and learning moments as we go through the process of becoming a winning team.”


Alright, the 2011 is upon us! Enjoy watching the Opener tonite, Sky fans! Let’s hope they get the DUB!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on June 4, 2011.

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