Game Notes: Sky 107, Sun 101 (2OT Thriller!)

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Attendance: 3319

Wow! This was one of the most exciting Sky games EVER! …made better by the fact that the the Sky were able to come through in the clutch, battle hard and get the win!

5 players scored in double figures.

3 players had double-doubles.

With five players in double-figures, this was an all-around team win. Pokey actually used the bench minimally in this game so the starters and TYoung logged HEAVY minutes. Lots of props need to be given out this game…


Tamera Young was BALLIN’! 20pts (8-11 FG), 4rbs, 3asts and 2stls. Wow. That’s two games in a row where she has really stepped up and made significant contributions off the bench. Yes, her offensive output was fantastic. She made great decisions with the basketball and hit her shots. But that wasn’t her most significant contribution. Her defense on Renee Montgomery was LOCKDOWN. I mean, Montgomery was burning all the other Sky players that tried to defend her, but TYoung SHUT HER DOWN! Yeah, Montgomery ended up with 33pts, but those did NOT come TYoung guarding her. Y’all know Montgomery is my least favorite player in the league so I love seeing her get LOCKED UP on D. Brilliant ALL-AROUND game from Tamera Young.

I promise never, ever to say that Bjorkland should get all of TYoung’s minutes ever again in life. Once again, I love it when I say stupid ‘ish on here and the players prove me soooooo wrong. Luv it!


Ok, Epiphanny Prince was in “video game mode” in the second half. She made some of the most ridiculous moves I have EVER seen! She was breakin’ ankles all over the court! She dropped somebody sooooo bad with one of her moves (they literally stopped, dropped and rolled!)  that I started laughing out loud for real. I don’t know who it was. May have been Montgomery. I swear, it was one of the most ridiculous crossovers I have seen. Prince was absolutely jaw-dropping today. She finished with 25pts and 6asts.


One play stands out for me with regards to Big Syl. She hit a 15ft turnaround jumper with like 4 seconds left to send the game into the second OT. Why was this significant? She called for the ball, made the play and hit the shot. I’ve never seen Big Syl be clutch before. I’ve never seen her hit the game winner or knock down clutch free throws. But she did it this game. She looked so calm and confident taking that shot too. Never thought of Big Syl as possibly being our go-to player down the stretch until she hit that shot. So calm and cool under pressure. It was so unexpected. I was amazed. Besides that HUUUUGE shot, Big Syl also had a brilliant all-around game with 24pts, 12rbs and 3blks.


With every game that passes, I like Michelle Snow more and more. She had 12pts and a ridiculous 17 rebounds.


I’ve been wondering about Wisdom-Hylton’s offense the last few games. Does she have any offense? The answer is…yes, she does. We saw a couple really nice moves from her under the basket. She just doesn’t get many touches.


Vandersloot finished with 14pts, 10asts and 5rbs. Her shot wasn’t falling but she played a really good game. I love watching her run the point. It still amazes me that she is a rookie. ROY, for sure.


* * I’m gonna say this in every blog: I absolutely LOVE the Prince/Sloot backcourt * *


With regards to the Sun…

Montgomery is good. The girl has cojones. She knocked in every big shot for the Sun. Still can’t stand her tho.

The Fowles/Charles battle was a good one. Charles is very difficult for Fowles to handle on defense. Then again, Charles can’t do anything against Fowles on D either so…whatever 🙂

Kara Lawson is a good basketball player. I honestly don’t think I ever realized that before this game. My bad, Kara. You’re more than just a really good SportsCenter anchor 🙂


Some articles from around the web…

*ARTICLE* Sky tips Sun: Wins in double overtime 107-101 (Chicago Tribune)

*ARTICLE* Sky beat Sun 107-101 in double overtime (Daily Herald)

*ARTICLE* Epiphanny Prince, Sylvia Fowles lead Sky to 2OT win over Sun (Chicago Sun-Times)


Some quotes (via Postgame Notes & Quotes)

From Sky Head Coach Pokey Chatman

“We grew up tonight. I talk about this all the time in terms of teaching moments, I was just telling the
team we had some really clean schemes defensively when they count.”

“It’s emotional. They’re spent, physically, and emotionally as well. We still have a ways to go but it’s
nice when you can win against a very good team and a veteran team. It was a good game for us.

From Epiphanny Prince

“Courtney is great and I call her the perfect point guard. I always tell her that she is a perfect guard and
that she doesn’t make mistakes to me and she knows exactly what she has to do. When she leads us we
are a different team and we play better.”

From Tamera Young

“That has been one of my roles always, I am like the energizer bunny. I love playing and so when I am
out there I try to show that energy by the way I play. With Dominique being out I needed to step up
and try to do what I can for us to win.”


Some pics (via

Syl goin' hard to the hoop...


Tamera Young: Player of the Game...

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on June 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Game Notes: Sky 107, Sun 101 (2OT Thriller!)”

  1. Out of curiosity, why don’t you like Renee Montgomery?

    For the record, I can’t stand her either. Would love to see Prince’s crossover, but it doesn’t look like the game will ever be archived on Live Access.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment 🙂

      FYI: this game is now archived on LiveAccess. I think they just put it up today. I’m not sure when exactly the “stop, drop & roll” play happened, but I think it was early in the 3rd quarter. Freakin’ hilarious…

      I’m not a Montgomery fan cuz some players just get under my skin for whatever reason. She’s seems super cocky and arrogant…but not in a funny, personable Taurasi kind of way. I picture her as having the same stank attitude on and off the court…whereas most players you can see that maybe they are cocky or whatever on the court, but are cool off the court. She seems like she really takes herself hella serious no matter what she’s doing lol

  2. Thanks for this cus I def missed it…don’t wanna talk about it but soooooooo glad ms. Cocky no good didn’t win even tho it sounds like she was ballin. Of course I had to miss the Sky give it to her…next time! Nice job!

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