Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Mercury…

I hate blogging about losses so I conveniently “forgot” to write about the previous Sky/Mercury match-up and the Sky/SASS match-up from earlier this week. Sue me. All I gotta say about those games is that it was nice seeing former Sky’ers Candice Dupree and Jia Perkins back in Chicago for an evening.

Anyway, I’m going to liveblog this game because — win, lose or draw — when the game ends, the blog is already written.

Sky are currently on a 2-game losing streak. Both losses came at home. We need this win!

Tip time…

First Quarter
** Damn, Sky are 1-10 all-time against the Mercury and have never won a game in PHX. No bueno. That’s gotta change tonight.
** Good idea, bad pass by Vandersloot into the post for Big Syl. Turnover.
** Sloot hits first shot. That’s a good sign. Her shooting has been off.
** Sky stay committing these silly turnovers.
** Sky getting outrebounded by PHX early. Merc had like 5 chances to this shot.
** Another silly Sky turnover. These aren’t forced turnovers, folks. Sky are just playing sloppy and are careless with the ball.
** Candice has missed a few point-blank buckets around the rim. Not used to that.
** Nice high-low game between our bigs, ends with easy layup for Big Syl.
** Prince for THREEEEEE! Sky up 11-1.
** Sky defense forces a 24-second violation on the Merc.
** Dang, Prince on FIYAH!
** Bill Cartwright is a trader! Just kidding 🙂 …but it would be nice if he shared his post expertise with Sky bigs as well.
** Wisdom-Hylton with the jumper…misses but gets offensive rebound…misses the layup. Missed opportunity.
** TYoung in the game. She’s been blazin’ the last few games.
** Kara Braxton is goin’ right at Swords in the paint. ‘Rook having trouble staying with her. Only way to stop her is to foul her.
** Wisdom-Hylton hits a nice 12-footer from the corner.
** Taurasi with a ridiculous shot.
** Prince with the NIIIIICE dish to Swords for the easy bucket!
** Why was Kraayeveld running the point on that play? Turnover.
** Taurasi. Ridiculous. Again.
** Kraayeveld in underrated. She’s very important to our offense.
** What’s with Wisdom-Hylton and these ridiculous taps at the basket of the offensive end? Grab the rebound and go back up with it! This isn’t volleyball….
** TYoung with the steal and fastbreak finish!
** End of the first: Sky 29, Mercury 15.

Second Quarter
** Whoa, nice spin move and bucket from TYoung!
** Sloot with the THREEEEEE!
** Wow, magnificent fastbreak by the Sky…ends with a Big Syl layup.
** Big Syl rebounds TYoung miss and gets the putback.
** Offensive foul on Big Syl. She just LEVELED Gray-Lawson on a screen.
** Damn, nice series of moves from Prince to get that bucket. So crafty…
** Erin Thorn with the nice running scoop shot. Sky are hittin’ their shots!
** Snow from the ‘bow!
** Alright, PHX found their offense which means Sky gotta start playing some defense. A 15-point Sky lead cut to 4 in a matter of seconds. SMH.
** Dang, Snow just missed 2 free throws.
** TYoung with ANOTHER bucket. After a rough start to the season, she’s really having a great season.
** WTF, Sky just jacked up this last few seconds of the half. Sloppy, sloppy basketball…
** Halftime: Sky 49, Mercury 48

Third Quarter
** Third quarter not starting well for Sky. Merc with 5 straight points. Merc up 4.
** Tough shot from Prince.
** Uh oh…Big Syl hurt. Limped off the court. Looks like her knee.
** On the replay, it looks like she turned an ankle after stepping on Sloot’s foot. Syl to the locker room…
** Sky continue to play super sloppy. Down 7. Outscored 10-2 so far in the third quarter.
** LWH with the nice bucket.
** Prince is dishin’ and swishin’ tonight…
** Swords and LWH batting hard in the lane in Big Syl’s absence.
** Swords can hit free throws. That’s nice.
** Sloot with the miss but LWH with the board and putback. Sky only down 3.
** Dang, Prince with another nice move and finish at the rim.
** Slooooot found the open lane and took it right to the hole for the nice bucket.
** Penny has traveled about 50 times this game and hasn’t been called for it once. Smh.
** Damn, LWH with the nice feed into Swords. Swords hits the bucket and is fouled. 3-point play! 1-point game.
** Nice block from Dupree to prevent Swords from getting another easy bucket.
** Big Syl back on the Sky bench.
** Shot clock violation on the Sky.
** WTF kinda pass was that, Erin?!?! That was at least 50 feet above LWH’s head…
** Good defense by the Sky. Big Syl with the block, TYoung with the steal.
** End of third: Sky 64, Mercury 73

Fourth Quarter
** What is it with all these unforced Sky turnovers?!?! It’s like repeated brain farts with this team.
** Big Syl airballs a turnaround jumper at the rim.
** Jumpball…Big Syl vs. Ketia Swanier. Yeah, Sky ball…
** Sloot for THREEEEEEEE!
** Snow hits a nice turnaround jumper in the lane. Sky down 7.
** Tough D by Sky to force turnover.
** Sloot with the deflection and Snow with the steal. Bogus 3-second call on Big Syl.
** Sloot with another nice drive in the lane for another 2-points at the rim. Sky down by 8 points.
** Alright, nothing is falling for the Sky. Still down 10. This one is looking like its over.
** Taylor blocked by Snow and goes down hard. She gets up slowly but appears to be fine.
** Nice dish by Sloot to Big Syl but Syl blow the layup…gets fouled though and makes both.
** TYoung with nice baseline jumper.
** Michele Snow > Big Syl. Yeah, I said it…and I seriously ALMOST believe it.
** That. Was. A. Flop. Bogus foul call on Snow followed by a tech on the Sky bench.
** Less than a minute left and the sky down 9. These announcers talking like the Sky still have a chance. Get real. Stick a fork in them. It’s over.
** PHX must have paid off these officials or something. These calls against the Sky have been ridiculous.
** Sky suck at closing out quarters.
** Game over. Sky lose 84-97.

** It sucks watching the Mercury and seeing Candice completely uninvolved in the game. I mean, she’s too damn good to be ignored for the entire game! She’s a FRANCHISE PLAYER! She was our franchise player. I dunno, it really bugs me watching her get 4 shots and scoring 3 points.
** Mercury didn’t look very good this game. The Sky didn’t play smart and the refs were part of #TeamMercury. That’s what won the game
** This Sky team looks absolutely brilliant for stretches then the next minute they look awful. So inconsistent. They seem to have difficulty staying focused for an entire game.

Box Score


~ by audsquad on July 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Mercury…”

  1. This game was so ‘eh’. Not well played by either team. In spite of the score, lackluster. Or, maybe that was the three beers before the game putting a ‘blur’ on the whole proceedings. LOL. We were all commenting, ‘Where’s Candice in this game?’ Glad you live blogged, have a feeling there would have been no blog otherwise. Real surprise of the night was all the love from our otherwise nemesis Michael Price and his sidekick Clarke Stevens ;^).

    • haha, yeah, i agree, this game was pretty bad. The refs were ridiculous. Like, over-the-top ridiculous. Some of the calls (especially down the stretch) were completely bogus. How much money did the X-Factor scrape together to pay them off lol 🙂

      Well, I guess that’s it for Sky/Merc this season…unless of course they meet in the finals 🙂

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