Game Notes: Sky 72, Shock 54 (Everybody scream for ‘Camp Day’!)

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Attendance: 13,838

I’m kind of erratic with my blogging, eh?

To recap the past week: After starting slow, the Sky re-grouped to in the 2nd half to get a thrilling win over the Atlanta Dream on Saturday. Where was the blog? Ummm, well, the truth is, I wrote a really great blog for that game. I was uber hyped about that win so I starting writing the blog as soon  as I got home from the game. I stayed up up hella late and wrote a ridiculously long, detailed recap of the game even though I had to be up hella early for work the next morning. Then, just as I was finishing up, POOF! ..the entire post disappeared. I couldn’t recover it and I certainly wasn’t going to re-write the entire thing. Therefore, ya’ll missed out on a great blog about a helluva game. My bad 🙂

With regards to the NY game…eh. I really have nothing much to say about that game. The Sky started strong but gave the game away in the end. It sucked, but it was understandable, I guess. They were playing the back end of a back-to-back. But it wasn’t a regular back-to-back. The Sky played an evening game at home on Saturday, then turned around and played an afternoon game on Sunday in New York. That’s tough. The manner in which they lost was even tougher though.

Moving on to their most recent game against the Shock…of course the Sky were expected to win this game. I mean, they were playing the 1-11 Tulsa Shock, right?

So yeah, the game itself wasn’t particularly exciting and the outcome was never really in doubt. The Sky led big throughout most of the game. The Shock made a nice run in the 3rd quarter to cut the lead to under 10 for a few brief moments, but, uh, yeah, everyone in the building knew the Sky were gonna win.

The most special thing about this game was that it was “Camp Day” ..a day when every single day camp in all of Chicagoland was invited to Allstate to watch the game. I assume all of these camps got in free, right? Anyway, the attendance number at the top is 100% correct. There were indeed 13,838 people at this game. For the first time ever, the Sky opened up the upper bowl of Allstate Arena to accomodate more people. Of those 13,838 in attendance, I would say that at least 13,500 were campers and their counselors. The game was at 11:30 am on a weekday, so unless you (a) work odd hours, (b) are a child or retiree, (c) are unemployed or (d) took the day off of work, you were probably busy during this game.

Anyway, Camp Day was fun. I gotta admit though, I had trouble staying focused on the game. The little kids were all so fascinating. I attended the game with my mom (she’s a big Marion Jones fan) and we spent the entire game laughing about the antics of the campers around us. We were surrounded by kids from a camp in Berwyn who appeared to be about 5-7 years old. It was so funny because the kids were absolutely fascinated by Sky Guy…and, at one point, their camp counselors started freaking out because they spotted Taj Gibson sitting on the other side of the arena. Someone needs to tell them that Gibson is at damn near every game lol.

The Sky put these kids to work to help out the home team on the court. Every time the Shock had the ball on offense, the kids were instructed to SCREEEEEEEEAM!!!! ..and the kids obliged every single time. The tactic worked really well the first several times it was done. I think the Shock had back-to-back 24-second shotclock violations as well as some bad turnovers and off-the-mark shots amidst the screams. Yes, those could be attributed to normal Tulsa Shock basketball, but I’m giving credit to the kids.

These kids go nuts for Justin Bieber. I mean, like, absolutely nuts. The “Justin Bieber Karaoke” thing the Sky did was a great idea.

Also, I also want to say that “Camp Day” isn’t so bad for the non-camp attendees. I mean, if you don’t like the sound of 13,000+ screaming kids, bring earplugs. Other than that, the camp kids are extremely well-behaved. They stayed in their seats for most of the game, with only a few getting up occasionally to go to the bathroom with their counselors. The kids in front of us were so little that, even if they stood up the entire game, I could still easily see over them. And best off all, the campers, for the most part, understood the game and appeared to be following the game. They cheered and boo’ed at the right time (..sometimes with prompting from the Fly Kids and sometimes on their own).  They jumped around and danced during halftime and timeout entertainment. Overall, it seemed like all the campers had a great time.


Now about the actual game…

There’s really not much to say about the game with regards to the Sky. The play-of-the-day goes to Erin Thorn for the awesome behind-the-back pass to Big Syl on the fast break. It was beautiful.

Tamera Young continues her amazing play off the bench. The matchups really didn’t favor Kraayeveld so she struggled a good deal when she was on the court.

My favorite backcourt in the league did fairly well. Sloot hit her shots today but continues to struggle with the turnovers. Epiphanny Prince was everywhere and did a little bit of everything on the court and finished with a well-rounded 11 points, 6 assists, 5 steals and 4 rebounds.

Big Syl was, well, Big Syl and put up big numbers…21 points and 13 rebounds to go along with 2 blocks and 2 steals.

I was happy to see Wysdom-Hilton find a little bit of offense this game.

Pokey used her entire bench so even Swords and Bjorkland saw decent minutes. As I said in previous posts, I really like Swords because you can see improvement every game.


Now let’s discuss the Tulsa Shock a bit…

Cambage picked up 4 ridiculous fouls in the first quarter. That sucked because I really wanted to see her play. Let me say this though: She is a BIIIIIIIG girl! She makes Big Syl look small. Even tough her minutes were limited, we did get to see flashes of what Cambage can do. She’s got strong moves around the basket that the Sky had difficulty defending. She uses her size well to her advantage. Cambage could take Big Syl pretty easily on offense. Thing is, she couldn’t really defend Big Syl at all. Maybe it was the foul trouble, I dunno ..but Big Syl pretty much did whatever when she had Cambage guarding her. It was a good matchup though and I wish we could see Tulsa more than once per season.

One more thing about Cambage: She is hella feisty on the court. She gets so fired up when things are going well. When things aren’t going well, she gets frustrated and has the greatest facial expressions ever. I love her personality on and off the court which is why she is one of my favorite players in the league. Maaaaaaan, I can’t wait for the Tulsa Shock to not suck.

Kayla Pedersen is another awesome rookie on Tulsa that I really enjoy watching. She’s so versatile and so chill on the court.

Andrea Riley takes stupid shots. When is Ivory Latta coming back?

Tulsa has been good to Tiffany Jackson. After getting limited minutes early in her career, she now gets a ton of playing time and can really show what she can do. Yes, Tulsa probably isn’t anyone’s ideal team to play on, but for a player like Tifanny Jackson, it can really help her develop and put her in a better position for the future. I liken her situation to that of Jia Perkins. Jia was a player with a lot of potential but really hadn’t reached it until she came to the Sky and was able to get big minutes on a crappy team. She used that to her advantage and developed into one of the best combo guards in the league for a couple seasons. I’m hoping Jackson’s career follows a similar trajectory.

Marion Jones looked lost during this game. She’d get the ball on the perimeter, hold it for a few seconds, then pass it back to whoever passed it to her. That’s a shame because I really wanted my mom to see her play well. It’s not like Jones always sucks. I mean, I watch the Shock a lot (…second only to the Sky) and Jones has some really great games where she gets nice offensive boards and putbacks or she plays solid defense. Basically, she usually makes good hustle plays. Not this game though 😦


I wanna give a HUGE shoutout to Daltyn Photos who take absolutely AMAZING photos of the Sky. And they take A LOT of photos, folks. Like, 100+ pics per game. Awesome.


Some Sky/Shock articles from around the web…

* A R T I C L E *  Sky get win in front of record crowd (Daily Herald)

“Can (the kids) come back (for our next home game) on the 19th? Can we repeat this?” joked Sky coach Pokey Chatman. “It makes it difficult to communicate … it makes your players communicate more, and that’s what we want anyway. (The crowd) was great, it was electrifying.”

* A R T I C L E *  Record crowd energizes Sky (Northwest Herald)

“I like all the kids in the stands,” said Fowles, who led all scorers with 21 points and posted her 35th double-double of the season with 13 rebounds. “We need to have Camp Day every day.”

* A R T I C L E *  Sky thrill record crowd with victory over Tulsa (Chicago Tribune)

“It was nice to see them not panic … and re-establish themselves,” Chatman said. “We have to find those moments that are baby steps until we get to that point where we can make a big leap forward.”

Until next time, GO SKY!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops


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