Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Fever…

Alright, I’m liveblogging Sky/Fever tonight as I watch it on NBATV and CN100. Sky desperately *NEED* this win becuase it would be kind of embarrassing to have the most all-stars in the eastern conference and have a sub-.500 record.

Tip Time! Let’s go!

First Quarter
** Starting lineups for the Sky remain the same: Sloot, Prince, Cat, Snow and Big Syl
** Sloot misses a three to start the game followed by a Prince miss. Erin Phillips hits her first shot to get Fever on the board first.
** Prince hits a wide open THREEEEE!
** Big block by Big Syl!
** Nice passing and movement by Sky leads to a nice Big Syl a layup.
** Big Syl’s been hitting her free throws, eh? Nice!
** Big block by Snow!
** Sky offense is looking kinda suspect right now. With the exception of one play (Big Syl layup), nothing is flowing for the Sky.
** After a three by Erin Phillips, Sky call a timeout. They’re down 6-10.
** Tamera Young = instant offense off the bench! TYoung hits within seconds of coming in the game.
** Wisdom-Hylton commits a stupid foul as the shot clock runs out on Fever. She gets saved by the refs though as they call the 24 second shot clock violation.
** I wish Shyra Ely was still on the Sky. I absolutely love her game.
** TYoung hits again! She’s got my vote for 6th Man of the Year!
** Sky need to get defensive rebounds!
** Sloot misses 2 free throws.
** Sky have no offense. They are getting decent shots at times but can’t hit any shots.
** End of the 1st quarter: 11-18 Indiana

Second Quarter
** Did these stupid announcers just say that Tauja and Tamika Catchings are twins? Ummm, no. They’re sisters, but definitely not twins. You’d think the Indiana announcers would know that. SMH.
** Davenport hits a lucky circus shot and gets fouled. Three-point play.
** Another nice block by Big Syl!
** Nice pass by EThorn to Big Syl for the easy layup.
** Jessica Davenport is starting to get on my nerves.
** Big Syl with another power move! She’s starting to heat up!
** Big Syl and Swords make a nice post tandem.
** Uh, Shannon Bobbit is on the Fever? Can’t stand that little midget.
** Big Syl with back-to-back buckets!
** Sowrds, how are you gonna let Bobbit take a rebound from you? Fail.
** Dammit, Bobbit!
** Has Erin Thorn hit a three all season? I’m just saying…
** Swords with a NIIIIICE bucket! ET with the assist.
** Oooooh, Swords with the great defense and steal! I’ve said this all season…Swords gets better every game. Luv this ‘rook.
** Sky are letting Bobbit run wild out there. Another Sky turnover…
** Aaaaaand, ANOTHER SKY TURNOVER! Ugh x10
** End of the 2nd quarter: 27-41 Indiana

Third Quarter
** Sky making great (..but risky) passes into Big Syl for easy buckets. Nice.
** This game has no flow.
** This Lauren Chaney interview is LOOOOOOOONG! ..yeah, I’m watching the game on NBATV. No offense to our local crew on CN100, but the video quality is 500x better on NBATV.
** Michelle Snow has the best facial expressions when she is whistled for a foul.
** TYoung with a nice feed into Big Syl for the bucket. Big Syl has been working hard to grab these passes that her teammates are throwing into the post amongst multiple defenders.
** So many unforced turnovers by the Sky. No bueno.
** This game sucks. Let’s end this and start all-star weekend.
** Big Syl grabs another tough pass.
** Sky stay turning the ball over.
** Bobbit with two straight turnovers. That’s what I like to see.
** Maaaaan, the Sky are really forcing the ball into Big Syl…and she’s corralling the tough passes and hitting the layups.
** Erin Thorn hits a THREEEEEEEEE! ..but ummm, Sky are still down 18pts. SMH.
** End of 3rd quarter: 61-43 Fever

Fourth Quarter
** Has this crappy game ended yet?
** Ya know, the second I start talking smack about Erin Thorn she starts hitting shots all over the court.
** Swords with the steal!
** Erin Thorn…AGAIN! I need to start talking smack about more people so they pick up their games too…
** Prince hits a nice shot. May be too little, too late though. Sky still down like 18 points.
** All right, the game isn’t over yet, but I’m sooooo done talking about it.
** Sky lose.

Box Score


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