Game Notes: Sky 66, Sun 77

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Yup, that is the opening picture that I’m going with today.

No, I didn’t write that tweet. It was tweeted by someone I follow on twitter. It summed up EXACTLY what I was thinking/feeling when this game ended, so I put it front and center.

Clearconciseon point

Ok, let’s talk about this game…

The Sky never really looked comfortable or appeared to get into any kind of flow during this game. Sure, they had a few stretches where they were able to put together a nice offensive and/or defensive sequence …but these moments were fleeting.

The guards struggled the entire game. With the guards struggling, the posts really couldn’t get anything going either. Also, the refs were incompetent, as usual.

The Sky turned the ball over 20 times. A majority of those turnovers were NOT the result of stellar Conn Sun defense. Most were simply caused by poor decision making or mental breakdowns by the Sky. The turnovers were baaaaaaad. Sometimes we look like a team that has never played with each other before.

Overall, the Sky’s body language this game seemed to indicate that they were frustrated. Sure, they were frustrated with the Sun and the refs, but, to me, its seems like they were most frustrated with each other. The vibe I get from just watching their facial expressions and interactions on the court, it appears as if they are all losing patience with each other.


Here are some individual player breakdowns…

TYoung got the start for, I believe, the 2nd time in the last 3 games. For pretty much all of the first quarter (and most of the second quarter) she was the only player (…Shay Murphy too) that appeared to consistently have any clue what the heck was going on out there on the court. I swear, everyone else looked straight up LOST. Tamera Young has been balling outta her mind this season. Tonight she played stellar defense on multiple Sun players (…however, I wish Pokey didn’t wait so long to put her on Montgomery), took good shots and made great decisions with the ball. She finished with a solid stat line of 10 points (5-8 FG), 5 assists, 2 steals and 2 rebounds in 26 minutes. Without TYoung, this game woulda been a blowout in favor of the Sun in the first half.

Maaaaan, our super rookie Sloot needs to find a way to get her mojo back! She just can’t seem to get in a rhythm anymore. Everything with her just seems “off.” Her passing, her shooting, her decision making…none of it is flowing like it was earlier in the season. I mean, I’m not worried about it because I think we can all see that Sloot is headed for PG greatness, but we’re definitely seeing the rookie go thru some growing pains right now. Teams are pressuring her more and more and she just has to continue working on adjusting to that pressure and keeping up with the speed of the game.

Prince heated up offensively in the second half. She hit a few long jumpers and had some nice aggresive drives to the basket.

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton is a great interior passer. She’s probably the best passing big on the team.

Usually when Sloot starts struggling with turnovers and whatnot, Erin Thorn can come into the game and run the offense and get things settled down. Not today. She was just as careless with the ball as the rook. When is Canty coming back?

It was so good seeing Shay Murphy back on this team! Where has she been this entire time? Along with TYoung, Shay was a major spark for the Sky in the first half. She came into the game and immediately contributed on offense and defense. My guess is she’ll stick around for longer than just 7 days and she’s gonna be taking someone’s minutes (…because Bjorkland didn’t really get any). Tonight, Shay took Kraayeveld’s minutes.

As I always say on  this blog…I like Swords. She was in the right place at the right time a few times tonight and made some good things happen. Swords and Prince (I think it was Prince but may have been another guard) ran a really nice play that resulted in Swords being wide open with the ball for the easy layup…but she was just a tad bit too deep in the lane and ended up getting blocked by the backboard. The rook is solid though and gives the Sky good minutes when she is out there.

Hmmm…I don’t really remember too much about Snow’s tonight. I do remember some monster blocks though!

Big Syl? I dunno. As always, she got her numbers and her double-double but it never really felt like she was an integral part of this game. She’s been consistently hitting her free throws so I gotta give her big props on that. Syl also had some monster blocks as well.


The Sky were knocking Renee Montgomery around like a pinball on screens and whatnot. It appeared to be on purpose, if you ask me. I’d love to know what Renee did or said to piss off the Sky bigs, but it had to be something cuz that ‘ish was DELIBERATE! It happened several times but the refs only called the foul twice, lol 🙂  Ya’ll know that Montgomery is my LEAST FAVORITE WNBA BASKETBALL PLAYER ON PLANET EARTH, so you know I liked seeing her get her knocked around the entire game. I laughed every time she got hit, then turned to the refs like “WTF!!!” However, I still gotta admit (..once again!) that Renee has maaaad game. No one could defend her…except TYoung. She killed Sloot and Thorn repeatedly. I don’t know why Pokey didn’t put TYoung on her till late in the game.

Tina Charles is a BEAST! Her numbers were similar to Big Syl’s, but for some reason, it feels like Tina contributes more to her team’s success than Fowles does. Weird. Sky bigs had no answers for Sun bigs.

Lawson is a crafty and savvy veteran point guard. She’s a ridiculously smart basketball player.


Some articles from the game…

* A R T I C L E * Sky lose 77-66 to Sun; Now have lost 4 of last 6 (Chicago Tribune)

“We’re not good enough to not play harder earlier,” Chatman said, “or not play smarter earlier because it negates some of the good things you do.”

* A R T I C L E * Sky outshined at home (Daily Herald)

“It was a combination of everything going wrong at the right time,” Fowles said. “For some reason, we just weren’t getting me the ball where I needed to get it and that was a little bit of everything, balls being thrown too high (and Connecticut’s defense).

“I could have also done some more work in the post to get some better shots.”

It’s quotes like this that prevent me from actually being a Sylvia Fowles fan. At least this time around she acknowleges that maybe, just maybe, it’s not ALL her teammates fault that Tina Charles killed her tonight. Sheesh. That’s not the attitude or approach that you need from your “franchise player.”

* A R T I C L E * Turnovers doom the Sky against the Sun (

“If we would have limited our turnovers, it would have been a much better game,” said Sylvia Fowles. When asked if that is the number one issue that her team must find a way to correct, Fowles went on to say:

“It definitely would be turnovers. We’re averaging like 20 turnovers a game, and tonight they (Sun) just so happened to utilize (them). On every turnover, they scored. If we can just nip that in the bud, or even cut it down to half, it would make it a totally different game.” 


Tough loss tonight but Sky will (hopefully) bounce back.

Go Sky!

~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


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