Swin Cash: On a Mission

(from ChicagoSky.net)

In case you missed it, there’s a great feature on ChicagoSky.net about Swin Cash

* A R T I C L E * Swin Cash: On a Mission

Although the entire article is a great read, my favorite part is this…

Obviously, the top item on the agenda is to lead the Sky to its first playoffs appearance in team history. But Cash has one more little item to take care of: After she arrived and took an elevator at O’Hare Airport, she noticed it had a button for each major sports team in Chicago – except the Sky. “Man, my goal is to put a button in that elevator for the Chicago Sky,” she laughed. If Cash is on it, consider it checked.

It bugs me every time I’m at O’Hare (or any other Chicago landmark that names parking garage levels or elevator buttons after Chicago sports teams) that the Chicago Sky is never represented. I mean, I get it, the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, Sox and even the Blackhawks are top-dawgs in this town. But if you’re gonna put the Chicago Wolves and the Chicago Fire up there, the Chicago Sky should be represented too! I went to my first Wolves game this winter and their attendance is about the same as the Sky’s. Not to mention, the Chicago Fire don’t play anywhere near Chicago! Sometimes even the college teams like Northwestern and the Illini (…again, nowhere near Chicago) are listed. So annoying.

Swin makes a great point regarding something that has bugged me for years. Let’s hope that eventually the Sky really can get a button on that elevator at O’Hare!


~ Chicago Sky Hoops


~ by audsquad on May 25, 2012.

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