Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Dream…

Ok, I’m going to try this liveblogging thing again today. I stopped liveblogging games last year because the Sky literally lost EVERY. SINGLE. GAME that I liveblogged. Hopefully the trend does NOT continue this season. Lets GO!

Hmmmm…trying to decide if I want to watch the game on CN100 or live access. Should I watch the Sky homers on CN100 or see what the opposition has to say about us?
The Sky beat us 3 out of 4 games last year? I thought we always beat the Dream?
Decided to stick with CN100.
Sky get first possession.
Sloot hits the the first bucket! Need Sloot’s shot to fall tonight.
Dang, Sloot hits another. She’s got 4pts already.
I liked Armintie when she was on the Sky…but I like TYoung more. That was one of the few (only?) good trades Key ever made.
Armintie is QUICK though…a one-man fast break.
Turnovers are KILLING the Sky already. Armintie with another fastbreak layup.
Vandersloot shoulda taken that shot. She’s thinking too much. Turnover.
Ok, so are we just gonna give Armintie wide open layups all night?!
TYoung, good bucket, as always. We needed that.
Looks like Pokey is bringing in the subs early. Good decision. These back-to-backs are rough.
Dream killin’ with these fast breaks.
21-6. No bueno.
Sky can’t hit a shot. Piph was on fire last night but can’t buy a bucket today.
Umm, the score is 29-7 right now. Maaaaan, What did I say about liveblogging earlier?
Ok, Piph just hit a shot. All is right in the world.
End of the 1st — 31-14.

I’m done liveblogging…for the season. It’s bad luck. Hopefully the Sky come back to make this one competitive.


~ Chicago Sky Hoops ~


~ by audsquad on June 2, 2012.

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