Article: “Young gives Sky boost”

The Sky beat the Liberty on Sunday and are now on a franchise-best 5-GAME WINNING STREAK! As ecstatic and proud I am to be able to say that as a Sky fan, that will not be the focus of this blog post.

The focus of this post is: Tamera Young.

Finally, after all these years of doing all the little (and big) things to help the Sky get wins, Tamera Young is finally getting some shine for her contributions.

I smiled when I saw this article in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday morning…

* A R T I C L E * Young gives Sky boost (via Chicago Tribune)

While Epiphanny Prince and Sylvia Fowles have been the steady one-two scoring and rebounding punch for the streaking Sky, veteran forward Tamera Young has been handling a lot of the requisite grit work.

When it comes to loose balls, steals and deflections, fast breaks and cleaning up shots around the basket, Young leads the way.

“Last year, Syl called me the Energizer Bunny,” Young said with a smile after the Sky won their fourth straight in dramatic overtime fashion Friday night against Tulsa. “It’s a role I have accepted.”

Young, who attended the same high school in North Carolina as Michael Jordan, contributed 16 points off the bench, to go with six rebounds, three assists and two steals. The Sky seek a franchise-record fifth straight victory Sunday visiting the Liberty.

“I just love being on the floor; I just try to bring that energy to my teammates and keep them going when things aren’t going well for them,” said the 6-foot-2 Young, who was a first-round pick of the Dream out of James Madison in 2008 and initially wore No. 23.

“She’s feisty. I have to tell her, ‘Whoa!'” Sky coach Pokey Chatman said of Young. “And I like that. She’s a fiery player.”

Although TYoung has been playing this way since she joined the Sky in 2009 (via a trade with the Dream for Armintie Price — i.e. the ONLY good move that Coach Key EVER made), she is just now getting the credit and recognition she deserves. In my opinion, 2011 was a breakout year for TYoung. Under the coaching prowess of Pokey Chatman, TYoung was able to refine her game a little bit, play within the system and find ways to utilize her unbridled energy in the most effective ways possible on both offense and defense.  She quickly became one of the most important players on this Sky roster…or as I like to call her, The X-Factor.

This season, TYoung continues to do a little bit of everything while on the court for the Sky. Her most notable contributions usually come on the defensive end, where it is typically her job to lockdown the top offensive threat on the opposing team. But honestly, that is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what TYoung actually does for this team. Although Big Syl and Piph have been carrying the offensive load for much of this season, there are times when NOTHING is falling for ANYONE on the Sky. It is usually TYoung that hits when everyone else is shooting blanks. Timely shots. Timely steals. Timely blocks. Timely boards. When the Sky need a timely play, it’s always TYoung in the right spot at the right time to make it happen.

I think the reason I love TYoung so much is because, as Sky fans, we’ve had the opportunity to to watch her grow so much as a player over the course of her time with the Chicago Sky. Her game has grown and matured so much right before our eyes in the last 4 seasons. I absolutely love seeing that. As a fan, that is one of the most satisfying things to be able to watch.

Oh, and before we start labeling TYoung simply a scrappy, energy player that does the dirty work and brings the intangibles to the game that may not show up in the box score,” let’s not overlook the actual TANGIBLE stats that she brings to the team. TYoung had 16pts, 6rbs, 3asts and 2stls in the game against Tulsa. Yesterday against New York Liberty she had 12pts, 7rbds, 3asts, 3stls and 1blk. #BEASTMODE. Those are the numbers of a BONAFIDE BALLER. So, although she does a lot of the little things for this team, let’s not pigeonhole her into being one of those players that get all kinds of praise for bringing “engery,” “passion” and “scrappiness” while recording all goose eggs in the box score. TYoung is SOOOOOO much more than that. Sky fans have known that for years. I’m so glad that everyone else is starting to appreciate the greatness of TYoung as well.


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~ by audsquad on June 11, 2012.

9 Responses to “Article: “Young gives Sky boost””

  1. She is fierce. I am surprised about the force with which she shoots the ball. Sometimes the net doesn’t move because the ball is through so quickly and cleanly. And she just looks so focused and determined on the court.

    When Tulsa was double-teaming the heck out of Sloot on Friday night, the Sky finally figured out how to break the trap. Pass the ball down court to TYoung. She was really the only one looking for the ball.

    My current fave rotation is Syl, Piph, Cash, Sloot and Young. Most offensive and defensive punch.

    Q: Do you believe the Sky attendance figures? 5,000 on Friday. It actually seemed like a small crowd to me.

    • I totally agree with you about the press break. Besides Piph/Sloot (who were usually the ones being trapped), I felt most comfortable with TYoung getting the outlet pass to break the press. Everyone else seemed to turn it over when the pressure came. TYoung made good decisions and she tends to get her assists in these type of situations.

      Syl, Piph, Cash, Sloot and Young is my favorite lineup too. If we gotta go a little bitter, witch Riley (or Petro) for Piph or Sloot.

      Attendance figures look like they coulda been inflated on Friday for sure. They probably gave out more tix to girl scouts or whatever than actually showed up. I don’t know what side of the arena you sit on, but if you sit on the opposite side from the benches and look across the arena, it looks full. If you’re sitting on the side of the arena with the benches and look out, it looks empty 🙂

  2. Now you know I am the biggest TYoung fan on the planet (outside of her family). This post make my heart smile. I am a fan of a player who does what they have to go to help their team. It is true her energy is there. The passion for the game is there. But what I love most is that all those things plus multiple others make her a smart and effective player. She does all these things with humilty, Piph as well. I can’t tell you how much I be wanting them to stick their chest out and say “YES I DID THAT” but I know that is not them. Just another reason to love these ladies.

    Pinky and The Brain to the rescue!!!!!!

  3. Another TYoung fan. It did my heart good to read this article on her. She is a true unsung hero. We haven’t seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning for this great unsung hero.

    • I agree. However, I’m hoping that she’ll stop being the “unsung hero” soon because someone needs to SING her praises! TYoung has always been our secret weapon, but I want her to finally get some recognition for all that she does for this team!

    • Yes another fan indeed. Make sure you follow this blog lilsmoothfan, it comes highly recommended by me.

  4. X-Factor? Sorry my friend I think the Merc trademarked that one ;^). Agree Young is an important factor for the Sky. Which, btw, I am conceeding the Sky v. Merc game to the Sky now, cuz w/out Dee and Penny we are a lottery team.

    • Haha I feel the same way about the Lynx’s use of the term “bench mob” …that term belongs to the Bulls bench! Irks me everytime one of them says it.

      Now that Piph is out for us, it might be a really close, competitive game. Ya’ll are tanking for Griner/Diggins/DelleDonne anyway 😉

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